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Luxury Bar Accessories & Bar Tools Set

Why are Bar Products essential?

Most homes nowadays have a bar installed which becomes even more lively when friends and family are around. This makes it the perfect time to show off your bartender skills and bring out all the equipment to impress with your drinks. Whether you use it to entertain guests or enjoy a nice glass of wine at the end of a long day, having a chic bar set up in your home will make you feel like a million bucks.

A dinner party or any event becomes better when there are unique cocktails. But to make cocktails, you need the best tools possible since they go a long way when making indulgent cocktails. Invest in high-quality shakers, glasses, and mixers if you love hosting cocktail parties. Or, if you prefer to keep things simple, opt for a sleek and minimalistic set that includes only the essentials. If you are a beginner, you can keep it simple with the bar products, but grab all the necessary tools if you are a mixing game pro. 

Also, remember to invest in good glasses since cocktails look and taste better in their designated glasses. Cocktail shakers, wine glasses, decanters, and other bar tools can add glamour to any space. To check out the most exclusive barware sets, Arcedior has a selection of them in multiple colors and materials. 

Different types of bar accessories

Each barware set has unique uses that make it indispensable in whiffing up a drink. These are some basic bar accessories that will make you a pro at the mixing game.


A bar shaker is one of the essential pieces of equipment to make a lip-smacking cocktail. It is large enough to accommodate all the ingredients and ice to make the drink well-mixed and icy cold. You will need another shaker to fit well with the other shaker so the drink does not spill outside. They are usually made with non-reactive materials so that it does not hamper the taste of the drink. 


All cocktails are not shaken but are also stirred. This helps to mix all the drink's ingredients, making it well-blended without shaking. For that, you will need a long stirrer that has a small spoon in the front. Their length can vary according to the glass but usually have a standard size. 


Some shakers come equipped with stainers to strain out raw ingredients that will not make the drink smooth. Otherwise, most bar tool sets come with a large strainer to be placed on the glass, and the drink can be poured into the glass free of stress. 

Bottle Openers

A bar is incomplete without a bottle opener since you cannot enjoy alcohol if it can't be opened. There are different shapes for bottle openers for beers. Wine openers usually have a sharp screw-like design to pull out the cork from the bottle. 

Ice Bucket

There is nothing worse than a warm cocktail or drink. Suppose you enjoy whiskey, scotch, and rum; then, a fully insulated ice bucket will slow down the process of ice melting. This will ensure you don't have to run back to the fridge again and again, to load up on more ice.  

Wine Stopper

Wine stoppers are an elegant and stylish way to stop leftover wine from getting spoiled. The stopper can fit almost any bottle or container to seal it shut so that the wine does not come in contact with air, making it sour. The wine stoppers at Arcedior are a work of art and will make your bar look like a million bucks. 

Peg Measurer

Jiggers or peg measurers are of different sizes that mostly have a 30ml measurer on one side and a 60ml measurer on the opposite side. They ensure that your drink is consistent and balanced, with each sip a burst of flavor. With abundant recipes available online, you would want to have exact measurements every time. 

Wine Rack

This is the perfect home decor item to stack all your wine bottles on the bar or kitchen aisle. Wine racks come in fun and classy designs that allow 6 to 8 bottles to get stacked easily. They have many materials available on Arcedior to match the decor style of each home. 


Muddlers can also be used for crushing and squishing herbs, aromatics, and fruits to get all their juicy goodness out so that the drink is packed to the brim with impactful flavors.  

Different types of Alcohol Glasses

Whiskey/Rum Glass

Strong liqueurs like whiskey and rum are served in a lowball glass, which is short and has a strong base. It is usually designed in a fashion with intricacies. They are opaque to give off the subtle color of the alcohol. They are generally served when the drink is on the rocks.  

Wine Glass

A wine glass is usually large and round with a long stem to aerate the wine. The long stem keeps away the warmth from the hands so that it remains cooler for longer. The glass helps to swirl the alcohol, which enhances its flavor further. 

Champagne Glass

This is a bubbly drink whose fizziness can evaporate if kept in a large glass. This helps the bubbles to retain and not die out when exposed to a larger surface area. So that is why a champagne glass is long and small-mouthed, almost in the shape of a tulip.

Beer Glass

Tons of different beer glasses work well with light, brown ales, stout, and many more. However, a usual beer glass is wider on the top and slightly narrower on the bottom. This helps in easy pouring from the beer bottle since its mouth is narrow. 

Cocktail Glasses

Nowadays, each cocktail comes with unique glassware, which has become its signature look. E.g., a martini not served in an inverted triangle-shaped glass feels wrong. Irish coffee is poured into a tumbler with a small handle at the bottom to drink comfortably. Highball glasses are cylindrical and tall and serve beverages with less alcohol content that are high on ice and other mixers. 

Make Perfect Drink in 5 Easy Steps

Making a lip-smacking cocktail is no rocket science. All you need are recipes, a creative mind, and some fancy bar tools from Arcedior. 

Step 1: Select the drink you want to make and map out its ingredients and measurements.

Step 2: Bring out your bar tools to make the perfect drink. First, you need to pour all the ingredients into the shaker or glass. 

Step 3: Shake the drink if it has more citrus features. Or else, if your drink has a liquor base, then use a stirrer. 

Step 4: Use a strainer to pour the drink into the designated glass. If it is liquor-heavy, add some ice cubes from the ice bucket. 

Step 5: Take a whiff of your drink and enjoy your blend, all thanks to your fancy bar tool products.

Why shop for Bar Tools from Arcedior?

Arcedior presents only the best bar accessories to choose from, like bar tool sets, glassware, carafes, wine racks, bottle openers, and ice buckets. There are classy decanter sets that are made of the most elusive hand-blown glass method. Many colors, designs, and materials make Arcedior a trusted brand for all your bar accessories needs. The high level of quality and designer elements make the products just class apart from the rest of the bar tools online. 

Frequently Asked ​​Questions:

1. What accessories are needed for a bar?

Cocktail shakers, wine glasses, decanters, and wine racks can add glamour to any space. Bar accessories are required to make the best cocktails at home. Amongst them, the most essential is a shaker used to mix the drinks with ice to make it super cold, and then a strainer, with which you have to strain the drink in a designated glass. Bottle opener, cork opener, and stirrer are also crucial to come fully prepared. You can elevate your bar game by purchasing trendy bar tools that have a luxury to them.

2. What is a proper champagne glass?

There are three types of champagne glasses, namely flute, tulip, and coupe, which have their uses and a reason behind their prominent shape. The coupe champagne glasses came first into existence to pour in the carbonated white and are characterized by their wide mouth and narrow holding stem. The flute shape is tall and relatively narrow compared to other bar products. This is due to it being used to pour the bubbling champagne. Up next is the tulip-shaped one, which is the most modern. Its shape is a tulip, which is narrow at the bottom and top and broader in the middle. This is due to retaining the aroma in the middle and the narrowness, so the champagne doesn't spill.

3. Is a champagne glass different from a wine glass?

A champagne glass and wine glass shape have significant shape differences. Falling under the bar accessories category, wine glasses have a different body with a large round bowl attached to a narrow stem. A champagne glass has a tulip or flute shape, both thin. This is because since champagne is bubbly, the glasses cannot be wide; otherwise, the air would dissipate. Whereas wines are flat, and the round bowl captures their taste better. Also, wine glasses are comparatively cheaper and are made of glass. Champagne glasses are used in celebrations and are made of crystals mostly. 

4. What is a carafe used for?

Carafes are used to serve wine in fancy places and are a great bar product to make your bar more stylish instantly. They are shaped like an hourglass that is narrow at the start and wider at the bottom. They can be made of glass or crystal and do not have a handle; their neck is used to hold them. It is used as a bar tool not to overpour wine and also for aeration. Besides being aesthetically beautiful, it is an excellent addition to your bar setware if you love to have guests over.  

5. What is a wine rack used for?

A wine rack is helpful if you want to store multiple wines in one location. It can be used with other bar accessories, at a house party, on the mini bar counter, at a cafe, or at a restaurant. Even bartenders can use it to display the crowd's favorite wines, and customers can select from those. However, the wine rack's beauty lies in being out in the open, which serves as a great decorative piece in your home. It is a great addition to your barware set since you can show off your wine collection by placing it on your bar or kitchen counter. 

6. What is the importance of bar tools?

Bar tools are of primal importance to any bar because, without them, a bar will not look well polished. To create cocktails, you need your bar tools like a shaker, stirrers, ice bucket, tong, strainer, and small items like a bottle opener. You can place all alcohol bottles in a bar, but with the right bar accessories, accessing them would be easier. Serving alcohol in haywire glasses does look shabby, and the proper glassware can make all the difference.