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How do kitchen accessories make the kitchen functional?

Well, it is a known saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home, and rightly so since we spend so much time making delicious meals in our kitchens. To adorn your kitchen is to decorate the facet of life that we often neglect since we focus more on our bedrooms and living areas. But making your kitchen more functional and stylish will bring you the utmost joy and prompt you to make more delicious foods. 

Gone are the days of using boring kitchen gadgets and accessories that are redundant and out of style. Whether you prefer a classic, rustic look or something more modern, there are plenty of ways to incorporate beautiful kitchen accessories into your décor. Arcedior's hand-picked selection of Kitchen Accessories ranges from Chappati Boxes, fruit baskets, cake stands, masala boxes, kitchen organizers, lazy susans, cutlery holders, artful trays, cheese boards, tissue boxes, and much more for you to explore. So grab the latest and trendiest home decor items from our selection and make your kitchen the most loved part of your house. 

What is Included in Kitchen Accessories?

Any item that makes your kitchen organized and your life easier is considered a modern kitchen accessory. 

Chapati Box

A chapati box is an indispensable part of a North Indian kitchen as chapati is a daily meal fixture. Since it is challenging to serve one chapati after another in the dining room, a chapati box comes in handy. It makes the chapati stay hot for longer and even keeps them soft. They also come with matching tongs, which are used to pick up the chapati.  

Fruit Basket

It is a fact that keeping fruits on the kitchen counter or dinner table makes their consumption higher. If they are kept out of sight in the refrigerator or elsewhere, we tend to snack on random junk items. A fruit basket with various materials helps in the colorful display of fruits.

Cake Stand

Every baker's most prized possession is a cake stand. It looks exceptionally classy and elegant when you have to serve the cake. It comes with a see-through lid which protects the cake from dust and insects. The stand is also useful for decorating the cake as it is on an elevated surface giving full access to your creation. 

Utensils Holder

For quick and easy access, utensil holders are used for placing spoons, knives, forks, and cooking utensils. They are also helpful to be kept on the dining table so that you don't have to run to the kitchen whenever you need any silverware. It can be of many shapes and sizes according to the quantity load.

Tissue Box

Tissue boxes are a stylish addition to your kitchen and dining table. Besides their obvious use on the dining table, you can also use them as a centerpiece or decoration on a mantelpiece or shelf. It can be used as a sturdy tissue box holder in your vehicle as well. Our cars are prone to spillage and dirt, and a tissue box at a strategic place can help clean any messes. 

Masala Box

Spice makes any food more delicious and flavorsome, so having the right spices on your cooking station is a no-brainer. Since you can't keep taking spices out from packets, a masala box efficiently keeps the optimal quantity of spices on the kitchen slab. It is washable and refillable to see all the colorful spices.  

Lazy Susans

Round in shape, which can rotate with the help of ball bearings inside it, lazy susans help in the easy distribution of food. You can place all the condiments on its surface and put them in areas you use. Rotate its surface to access stuff that is hard to reach behind.   

Jar Sets

Big or small, a jar set is an affordable way to make the kitchen look more uniform and organized. You can keep spices, pickles, pulses, and other such items in them as they look both functional and sophisticated. Their lids seal to the jar, making the condiments stay fresh for longer.  


The use of a tray is one of the best organizational hacks that can be performed in minutes and have a lasting impact. If your kitchen top is cluttered, place those items in the tray, and your kitchen will look a million times better. Trays are also easy to pick up and move around, which gives them an added advantage. 

Mortar and Pestle

Even though every kitchen has a mixer and grinder, the elegance of a mortar and pestle is irreplaceable. Since the ingredient inside the mortal and pestle is hand grounded, it oozes more flavor than a mixer. You can crush nuts, make pastes, powder ingredients, and more. 


Platters are used to serve food and drinks to guests. It creates a prolonged impression on the guests if the platter used is fancy, making the food taste better. There are tons of platters to choose from on Arcedior that have unique designs and materials. 

Uses of Kitchen Organisers

There are not just one but several benefits of buying kitchen organizers online that will make your kitchen into a well-oiled mechanism. 

Aesthetic Appeal

The kitchen is one of the most used parts of the house; being cluttered and disorganized can lead to frustration. Calm and happy cooking is therapy for many people. To do that, having great storage and matching kitchen organizers can be a complete game changer.  

Easy Meal Prep

When you have all the required ingredients and utensils onboard when you cook, meals become so much easier to prepare. If you keep searching for ingredients while cooking, it can lead to delays and sometimes even burnt food. So to combat this situation, Arcedior brings a full range of useful kitchen accessories online for your daily needs.  


If you take double the time to cook a recipe that can be made in half the time, you are doing something wrong. Mostly it is due to a messy kitchen that needs to be fully stocked. When you have all the necessary ingredients and condiments within your reach, it creates a relatively stress-free and time-saving environment.

Great Storage

You can maximize your storage space with the help of organizers. Modern kitchen organizers will work like a charm even if you have stored certain items in your cupboard for a long time and don't need more space. Now you can fit in more food items in your kitchen than ever before, and that too in an organized fashion. 

Food Stays Fresh 

Keeping food in the open can make it go bad very quickly, but with proper storage, it can remain fresh for longer. Modern kitchen organizers, besides their practical purpose, can also save you money and keep food wastage at bay. If you can see all the items in your kitchen, you will not repurchase items you already have.  

Declutter and Organise Your Kitchen in these Easy Steps

It is often seen that preparing food that requires so many items can quickly make the kitchen look untidy. Organizers come to the rescue to save time and free up your kitchen counter space.

1. Firstly, analyze everything in your kitchen and place only the most necessary items on the kitchen top.

2. Throw away any expired items and broken kitchen accessories. Donate food that you will not eat to the needy.

3. Buy useful kitchen accessories from Arcedior and place them in strategic positions. Make sure to give each item a set place that you will remember.

4. Refill all the items in your pantry and place small portions on the counter and overhead cupboards.

5. Now, all you need to do is maintain this strategy and enjoy a spick and-span kitchen every time you cook something delicious.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are kitchen accessories?

Having beautiful as well as high-quality kitchen cookware makes cooking a joyful act. Modern kitchen accessories are those that, besides cutlery and crockery, are used in the daily functioning of a kitchen. Kitchen accessories include fruit baskets, cake stands, masala boxes, chapatti boxes, lazy susans, cutlery holders, platters, trays, coasters, tissue holders, and much more. Cooking is a big part of everyone's everyday life. If the kitchen accessories you use are non-functional and provide hassle each time you use them, you need to upgrade them as soon as possible. 

2. What does it mean by platter?

A platter is a kitchen accessory, a large tray or plate upon which you can put dishes and food items. It is large enough to accommodate a lot of food, so you don't have to stack it repeatedly. It is usually used during dinner parties, festivals, and gatherings. You can put multiple or just one food on a platter. Cheese platters, butter boards, sushi platters, and even dim sum platters are the trendiest. This online kitchen accessory is readily available and an excellent tool for bringing people together through food. 

3. What is the difference between a plate and a platter?

Plates are small utensils we use daily to eat our food, whereas a platter is a modern kitchen accessory used to serve food. Plates are inherently used every day and are often of very sturdy materials. Platters are used on special occasions when there are many guests, and more food needs to be served. They can be very fancy, and some can be fragile since they can be seen as decorative items. However, they are both a form of utensils where food is placed and eaten.

4. Is a trivet the same as a hot pad?

No, trivets and hot pads are different kitchen accessories, even though they have similar usage. Trivets are often round vessels that are elevated to place hot utensils so that your surface is protected from them. Hot pads are soft and thick silicone pads that are heat resistant and can be used to pick up or place hot utensils. They both protect the surface from unwanted damage from hot utensils. You can use a trivet as a steaming rack since it is usually made of stainless steel or cast iron. You can grab hot dishes and food with a hot pad, which is very flexible.  

5. Can I use a cutting board as a trivet?

Yes, you can use a cutting board as a trivet if it is sturdy and good-quality wood. A cutting board will be a barrier between the hot modern kitchen accessory and the surface. Wood can absorb excess heat, making it suitable for placing hot items. Many trivets are available online made of wood, which further validates the point. Keep a hot pad below the cutting board if your hot utensil is extremely hot.

6. Why is a wooden cutting board not recommended?

Wooden cutting boards are still the most popular choice as they are the best. They are the most used modern kitchen accessories available online. The problem is that they can be a playground for various bacteria and viruses. This is because wood is difficult to sanitize, and the cuts and grooves can harbor these bacteria. You can keep using wooden boards by keeping in mind to be hygienic and discarding them if they have significant wear and tear. You can also use two wooden cutting boards - one for fresh food and the other for raw meat and fish. This will prevent cross-contamination and is safer in the long run.