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Decorative Table Lamps Online at Arcedior

Why are lamps for table an integral part of home decor?

There's something about a table lamp that screams sophistication. 
Whether it's the 

sleek lines of a modern design 
• the ornate details of a more traditional style 
• something more funky and fun

A lamp on a side table, end table, desk, bedside, or coffee table can elevate the look of a room. And while they may be small, table lamps can significantly impact your interior decor. Not only do they look great, but table lamps can also be efficient. They provide additional light when you need it and can help to create a cozy atmosphere in any room. Use them as a task light if you need additional light for reading or cooking; table lamps are a great solution. Mounting a table lamp at eye level will reduce glare and help you see better. You can also position table lamps to shine directly on a work surface. This is ideal for tasks that require precision, like sewing or crafting. It is a must in offices as it is where all the work gets done, so you must install a good and bright table lamp. Besides work, you can place them in strategic areas which need highlighting, like where you have placed a sculpture or an artwork.

What are the different types of table lamps?

Arcedior has a wide range of table lamps that complements any home decor style. You will indeed find the best quality and innovative designs, from classy to trendy table lamps.

Desk or Study Lamps

As the name suggests, they are placed on desks for studying or working. They are usually small and lightweight and often have a base that can be adjusted to fit into different spaces. Desk lamps are a popular choice for task lighting, as they provide focused light that can help you see what you're doing. 

There are many different types of desk lamps available, like,

1.  LED desk lamps are popular because they use less energy than other desk lamps and last a long time.

2. Clamp lamps are another favored option because they can easily attach to a desk or table.

3. Gooseneck lamps have a flexible neck that allows you to position the light exactly where you need it.

Banker's Lamps

A banker's lamp is a type of desk lamp that was initially used by bankers and other professionals who needed to work with large amounts of paperwork. The lamps are designed to provide focused, directed light to a specific area, making it easier to see what you're working on. They typically have a base made of heavy metal or wood and adjustable shade so you can direct the light where you need it most.

Piano Lamps

These are designed to provide focused, adjustable light to a piano or keyboard. The lamps typically have a long, thin arm that can be positioned over the keys and a shade that can be tilted to direct light where needed. Piano lamps can be quite ornate, with brass details and stained glass shades making them a unique addition.

Buffet Table Lamps

Buffet table lamps are a type of table lamp that is typically used as a decorative piece on a buffet table or sideboard. They are often taller than standard table lamps and have a narrower base, making them ideal for tight spaces. They can provide ambient lighting in a dining room or living room or be used as task lighting for tasks such as setting the table or pouring drinks. You can choose a traditional-style buffet table lamp that would look great for a formal dining room. Though, it might look out of place in a more contemporary setting.

Torchiere Table Lamps

These lamps are designed to direct light upwards, making them perfect for placing next to a sofa or reading chair. Torchiere lamps come in various styles, so you can find one that fits your home's décor. They also add the perfect amount of subdued drama to the room, which makes for a romantic setting.

Arc Table Lamps 

Their distinct arc shape provides an artistic flair to the room. These lamps typically have a base made of metal or wood and a shade made of fabric or glass. Arc table lamps can provide ambient lighting in a room or be used to provide task lighting for activities such as reading or writing.

Tripod Table Lamps 

These lamps are supported by three legs, giving the lamp a stable base. They are often used in living rooms and bedrooms as they provide a warm, inviting atmosphere. Tripod lamps come in various styles and can be made from different materials, such as wood, metal, or glass. They can range from just a few inches to over four feet tall.

Where to Place Table Lamps?

There are many different ways to use table lights in your home. You can use them to light up a dark corner, provide task lighting, or add a bit of style to a room.

1. If you want to use a lamp as task lighting, place it on a side table next to a chair or sofa. It can become an excellent spot for reading or relaxing.

2. For ambient lighting, try placing a lamp on a bookshelf or mantle.

3. To add drama to a room, place a pair of lamps on either end of a console table. This creates an excellent atmosphere for any room and is particularly helpful in darker corners.

4. Table lamps are also fantastic for bedside lighting. Make sure the lamp is tall enough not to shine directly in your eyes when lying in bed.

5. A lamp in the entryway can help greet guests and make your space more inviting.

6. If you want the lamp to be a focal point in the room, placing it on a coffee table is a good option. This way, it will be at eye level when you're seated, making it easy to enjoy the light.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Suitable Table Lamp

When it comes to finding the perfect spot for your table lamp, there are a few things you'll want to consider.


Firstly, think about the function of the lamp. Is it primarily for task lighting, or is it more for ambient lighting? Once you've determined its purpose, you can start to narrow down your options.


Select a table lamp that is appropriate for the size of the table. If the table is small and the lamp is huge, it will look disproportionate. You can also consider its weight since placing lightweight lamps in high-traffic areas can cause them to tumble. 


If you're looking for a spot to do some work or read, then your best bet is to go with a study table or bedside table. These surfaces are usually at just the right height for a lamp, and they're also close enough to an outlet that you won't have to worry about cords getting in the way. For a living room or dining room table, you'll want to choose a lamp that fits well with the space's overall aesthetic.


Choose a table lamp according to the style of your home so that it does not look mismatched. If you need clarification about the color, opt for a similar tone or something that pops out. At Arcedior, there are many different styles to choose from, so take your time browsing until you find one that feels like it belongs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Table Lamps Energy Efficient?

Yes, table lamps can be energy efficient if they have a light bulb that does not use too much energy and is of fewer watts. LED bulbs, whose complete form is Light Emitting Diode, are the most energy efficient in terms of electricity. Otherwise, you can see the amount of light consumption you have in your home. Then you can strategically place table lamps according to that. Incandescent and halogen bulbs use the most wattage and should be placed in fewer consumption areas. Also, you can choose a table lamp for studying which uses a bright light and is energy efficient since they are used the most.

2. What Is The Ideal Spot To Place A Table Lamp?

The ideal spot for a desk lamp for your workstation or study station is where the gleam does not glare at you. The perfect location can be on the study table, coffee table, and beside the bed. The other thing to remember is to place the table lamp for studying on your right-hand side if you are a lefty and on the left-hand side if you are right-handed. This will ensure that the light is not disrupted by your hand. Besides these factors, a study lamp should have an adjustable head to have the perfect positioning every time you sit down to study or work. 

3. Why should you buy a table lamp?

There are numerous benefits of buying a table lamp besides its usual lighting function. It is an elegant and stylish addition to fill blank spaces that need more light. A desk lamp for studying and reading, which is known as a study lamp, is essential for creating a more functional desk. In the bedroom, you can have a bedside table lamp which would make great mood lighting. This can elevate your mood and create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. Besides this, it highlights certain areas and things of value in the room by shedding more light on them.

4. Which type of table lamp should I buy?

The most common type of lamp is bedside lamps and study lamps, which are versatile enough to be placed in any decor. Besides these are torchiere lamps, lava lamps, salt lamps, banker's lamps, and piano lamps. When you buy a table lamp, there are a few factors to determine which one you should buy. The shape, size, height, and brightness play a significant role. A study lamp should have an adjustable head and clear, bright light to make it worth buying. On the other hand, a bedside lamp should have an ambient effect and should not be too bright.

5. Which is the best table lamp for studying in India?

A desk lamp should, first and foremost, emit a very bright, clear, and constant light that is ideal as a table lamp for studying. Next, ensure it is focused and not glaring where it emits light. Its front, light, and height should all be movable to accommodate the moment's needs. To avoid taking up too much room, the lamp's size must match the table on which it is set. The lamp's material should also be considered because it should complement the space's interior design; otherwise, it may appear as an irrelevant blob.

6. Which lamp is best for studying?

A table lamp or desk lamp is the best for studying since it is placed on a desk with all focus on that designated area. A table lamp with bright and sharp natural light or white light is optimal for studying and reading. Table lamps fall under the category of task lamps used to do specific tasks like reading, studying, cooking, working, and more. Their essential feature is that their adjustable light and shape make all the light fixed in one position. Besides this, you should also check out its design, size, anti-glare feature, and adaptability.