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Floor Lamps for Living Room & Bedroom

Spruce up your space with floor lamps

When it comes to interior decor, floor lamps can make a space pop. They provide function and style and can highlight specific areas or pieces in a room. Whether you're looking for a statement piece or something more subtle, a floor lamp will fit your needs. And since they come in all shapes, sizes, and materials, you're sure to find one that also fits your style. So a floor lamp is the correct option if you're looking to add a little extra light (and personality!) to your home. Without taking up much space, floor lamps are a terrific way to bring light to an area. They can be used to provide ambient lighting, task lighting, or accent lighting. 
You can also use floor lamps to create a specific mood in a room. For example, choose a floor lamp with a warm glow if you want to create a cozy and inviting space. Choose a floor lamp with a bright light if you want to create a more energizing space. Floor lamps are an easy and affordable way to change the look and feel of a room.

What are the Different Types of Floor Lamps?

Each facet of your home and office can come alive with the proper lighting. Arcedior has floor lamps online that are a perfect combination of unique and trendy. The plethora of options will make you want to add floor lamps to your beloved space as soon as possible.

Torchiere Lamp

Torchiere lamps are named after the French word for "torch," which is what they resemble when they are turned on. They are tall and thin, with a base usually made of metal or wood. The shade of a torchiere lamp is typically bowl-shaped and sits on top of the lamp's stem. They are a popular choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where you want a dash of elegance.

Swing Arm Lamp

A swing arm lamp is a type of floor lamp with a swinging arm that can be adjusted to direct light where needed. These lamps are ideal for use in areas where you need targeted light, such as near a reading chair or in a workspace. Their material is of high-grade quality since the arms must move and can only be allowed by good craftsmanship.

Cube Floor Lamps

Cube floor lamps are a type of floor lamp that features a cube-shaped base. These lamps are often used as accent pieces in a room and can give a modern style to your space. Most cube floor lamps have a shade on top of the base, but some models offer a bare-bulb design. If you prefer the latter, choose a lamp with an exposed bulb that is not too bright, as it can be harsh on the eyes. Also, ensure the cord is long enough to reach an outlet without being too visible.

Down Bridge Floor Lamps

The down bridge floor lamp gets its name from its unique design. The lamp's base is attached to the floor, and the shade hangs down from the bridge, or arm, that connects the base to the shade. This design allows maximum light output and makes it easy to direct the light where you need it most. 

Tower Floor Lamp

Tower floor lamps are tall and skinny and look like miniature towers. They are perfect for small spaces because they take up very little space. They are often made of metal or glass and usually have a thin shade covering the light bulb. The light from a tower floor lamp is very bright, so it is perfect for reading or working.

Arched Floor Lamps

These lamps typically have a base made of metal or another sturdy material and a pole curved or arched. Many arched floor lamps also have a shade that helps to diffuse the light and give the lamp a softer, more inviting appearance. When shopping for an arched floor lamp, it is essential to consider the height of the lamp, as well as the width of the base. This will ensure that the lamp will be stable and will not tip over. 

Tripod Floor Lamps

​​A tripod floor lamp is a type of floor lamp that has three legs. These legs are typically made of metal or wood and can be straight or curved. The height of the tripod floor lamp can vary, but they are generally taller than traditional floor lamps. Tripod floor lamps are popular in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Spotlight Floor Lamps

Spotlight floor lamps direct light downward, providing focused lighting for reading, working, or other activities. These lamps are often used in task lighting applications and can be an alternative to desk lamps or overhead lighting. Spotlight floor lamps come in various styles, including adjustable models that allow you to direct the light where you need it most.

Where to Place a Floor Lamp?

Besides the usual living room, there are many options where a floor lamp can become the room's crowning jewel.

Living Room

The living room is the most used area in the house and where you also seat your guests. So anyone visiting your home will have their eyes fixed on the various decor items. A well-chosen floor lamp will serve the dual purpose of illuminating the room and being a decorative item. One more decor tip you can keep in mind is to match the furniture accents with the lamp's color. Placing them in a dark and unused corner can make a lot of difference. 


You must have noticed that many plush hotel rooms have a floor lamp near the desk or sofa. This is used to create a snug and relaxing atmosphere with the addition of more sophistication. Similarly, choosing a floor lamp is the correct option if you wish to create the same experience in your bedroom. You can opt for a floor lamp that works well with your room decor and does not have a glaring light. A torchiere lamp and tower lamp work exceptionally well in a bedroom.


Whenever you think of an office setup, the first lighting fixture that comes to your mind is task lamps placed on the desk. But besides them, floor lamps are also a great decorative feature for your office. It uses less floor space and can even work in compact offices. If you have many clients visiting your office, adding a floor lamp can help uplift the place's overall appeal.

Things to Consider when Buying a Floor Lamp

1. First, consider the size and scale of the room. You want a floor lamp just the right size for the room. You'll want to ensure the lamp you select is proportionate to your space.

2. Secondly, think about the style of the room and your aesthetic. Do you prefer a more traditional look or something more modern? There are a variety of floor lamps on the market today, so narrowing down your choices can take time and effort. But with a little guidance, you'll be able to find the perfect lamp for your living room in no time.

3. The third thing to think about is the light bulb. It would be best to ensure that the light bulb is the right size and brightness for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are floor lamps used for?

One particular type of floor-mounted lighting for home décor is a floor lamp. To provide an ambient lighting impression, it usually goes beside or behind furniture and is higher and larger in height. They work well in both accent and task lighting. You could put it next to your desk or couch where you could read or work as a focal point light brings texture and shadowed silhouettes to the space. Due to their height and lack of extra space, floor lights also provide the impression of height and space. 

2. Where is the best place to put a floor lamp?

Floor lamps are versatile since their position can be changed per your liking. The best places to place them are in the living room and bedroom. Further, you can place them behind the couch or sofa, in front of a lone wall, in an unused corner, beside a desk, and even as the room's focal point. Since they are part of the accent light category, floor lamps online can be beneficial to add dimension and texture to a room. Depending on the strength of the bulb and the type of floor lamps for the living room, you can create a subtle and ambient environment in the room.

3. How do I choose a floor lamp?

Choose a floor lamp according to the requirement of the room you will place it in. It adds more texture, depth, ambiance, or luxury to a space. Next is the size of the floor lamp since a smaller room would need a smaller floor lamp and vice versa. After determining these factors, you should choose the floor lamps' design, color, and texture online. Some floor lamps include torchiere lamps, tower lamps, cube lamps, candelabra lamps, and swing arm lamps. This selection method selects any categories that work according to your desired decor need. Then you will have the perfect floor lamp for your living room. 

4. What is the best height for a floor lamp?

The standard ceiling height in most homes is 9 feet and above, so a floor lamp should be around 5 ft 5 inches to 5 ft 8 inches. This is the optimal ratio so that the floor lamps do not make your room smaller and clustered. Also, keeping in mind the ideal size, you should determine the exact height of your ceiling. If it is a low ceiling, go for a shorter floor lamp for the living room. If the ceiling height is very high, you can choose a lamp height above 5 ft 8 inches. For best results, ensure the bulb is not visible from any angle, as it would cause a nasty glare.

5. What kind of floor lamps provide the most light?

The floor lamp for the living room that provides the most light is the torchiere lamp, swing arm lamp, and stand floor lamp. These lamps provide ample light to the room, and their lumen count can be adjusted to the bulb present inside. Even the material and opaqueness of the lamp head play a crucial role in determining the amount of light. Also, before choosing the floor lamp, you should be clear about its placement, ambient value, and light properties. Like torchiere lamps are inverted with which light is dispersed towards the ceiling, this provides equal light distribution. A standard lamp whose light falls towards the floor has a focal point on the object directly below it.

6. Are floor lamps a fire hazard?

Yes, some floor lamps, like the Torchiere halogen floor lamps, are at risk of a fire hazard. The halogen bulb would reach a very high temperature if switched on for many hours. Its high heat can also cause the on and off switch to be at risk of melting. Otherwise, you can use incandescent bulbs, which do not have halogen gas inside like the halogen bulb and are relatively safer. It is also wise to leave a floor lamp or, in this case, any lamp on for a short period. Use them when required or in gaps so their bulbs can cool down.