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What are soft furnishings?

Soft furnishing in a home is like adding accessories to a human being after getting dressed up. Any furnishing item that feels soft to the touch and feel is included in this category. They add much-needed character and charm to the room, which can feel empty without the furnishing items.
Investing in soft furnishing is like displaying your current state of mind or creativity out in the open. Furniture is usually expensive and heavy and cannot be changed repeatedly. The furnishings can be adjusted according to the season, mood, and budget. Soft furnishings include pillows, cushion covers, towels, blankets, table covers, curtains, and carpets.


Types of Soft Furnishing

If you notice in your home, soft furnishings are the most used items for comfort. They make a room more comfortable and relaxing. They provide the final touches to your home, which adds a renewed freshness and life to your space.


Pillows are generally placed on the bed, sofa set, and chair. They add the necessary texture to a room and are a bundle of coziness. Since you sleep on a cushion, choosing a suitable material and thickness is essential for a good night's sleep. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors of pillows. You can decide on the pillow cover, which can be artistic, simple, contemporary, or basic color-blocking.


Blankets are not just warm and fuzzy that provide the necessary warmth but can add texture and dimension to a space. For a good night's sleep, a blanket or comforter is essential. A throw blanket is usually kept on the sofa or armchair, which is characterized by its chunky knitted texture. They can be used decoratively but also for cozying up on the couch while watching tv or spending time with the family. If you don't want a warm woolen blanket, then you can choose materials like cotton and linen for your blanket.


You can lay down your style on the bed by choosing the bedding of your choice. Bedding includes bedspreads, comforters, and cushions, all essential for blissful sleeping. The bedding usually comes in a matching set that adds personality to your room. While selecting a bed sheet, always buy a quality product and material. In bed sheets, similarly to a rug, the higher the thread count, the better the quality.


Curtains provide relief from sunlight, dust, and pollutants. They are responsible for the most striking feature in a room that can make or break it. You can choose thick materials like velvet if you prefer a darker room with almost no sunlight. Else, you can choose cotton, linen, or silk curtains for a more airy and sunny room.


Rugs are woven fabrics that are used to decorate the floor. They have been used for centuries to beautify the home, absorb excess noise, and protect the surface. Since they are usually made of thick material, they absorb the foot noise caused by walking on hard flooring. Their colors and patterns also add dimension and depth to the room.

Materials Used in Soft Furnishing

You can find home furnishings in almost every material available in the market. But choosing the suitable material means choosing excellent comfort for your home.

Here are some popular soft furnishings materials:


The most popular material for home furnishings is cotton since it provides a significant factor of breathability. Since cotton has a high absorption power, it will soak up any excess moisture and leave the space fresh and clean. It is easy to clean and can be found almost everywhere. The best part is that it is durable and does not lose its color quickly.


A material that has always been associated with royalty, silk is a gem in the realm of upholstery. Silk pillows are gaining popularity due to their rich and shining texture and butter-soft comfort. A silk pillow is known for making hair and skin better. Silk is the right choice if you struggle with skin allergies since it is hypoallergenic.


Wool is preferred more for throw blankets for its chunkier and knitted look. It is a versatile material that is highly durable, long-lasting, and stain-resistant. That is why it is the most preferred fabric for rugs that can withstand the test of time.


For more luxury in your home and a touch of glamour, velvet is the right choice. This rich and beautiful material sparks joy in every one of the soft furnishings you buy. It is usually used as a decorative material in cushions, curtains, and throw blankets. You can use this in your living room to make it more sophisticated and put together.


Viscose is a semi-synthetic material known for its durability, softness, and lightweight. It is made from wood pulp, after which it is chemically treated. It resembles silk but is very economical. That is why it is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics.

How to Choose Soft Furnishing Online

Since many home furnishings are available online, it becomes hard to determine which is best for you. Here are a few tips for selecting the best:


Material is the most important since it will determine the quality of the home furnishings. You should select the fabric according to your needs and decor style. A durable material like cotton will be an excellent option for bedsheets that have to be changed almost every week. For the living room, you can select the fabric which goes with the sofa set to add more texture.


There are significant patterns online that can match the room's desired look. If you prefer a more polished look, avoid pattern upon pattern. This can be done by using a design statement that resonates with each facet of the room.
If you have a chair or sofa which is very flat, then add a distressed pillow to give it more depth. For more vibrancy, you can use a designer pillow that catches the eye of the guests.


A room's decor generally follows one style pattern, which can get monotonous. Adding a burst of color can increase the room's overall look multifold. If your sofa set is of neutral color, then for a pop of color, add a matching throw blanket and pillow. In your bedroom, you can see the color of your bedspread and note its underlining color. Then use the same color as your pillow for a more elegant look.

Why Choose Arcedior Home Furnishing Items?

At Arcedior, you will find a full range of home furnishings items, including pillows, throw blankets, quilts, pillow covers, napkins, and more. Our affordable range will ensure that you stay stylish and trendy each season.
We offer unique patterns, colors, and shapes so that you can find the best home furnishings available online. Now you can have a luxurious and gleaming home with a click of a button on Arcedior Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is included in soft furnishings?

Soft furnishing means furnishing with a soft feel, including pillows, blankets, bedspreads, towels, curtains, etc. In a bathroom, soft furnishing will consist of towels and shower curtains. Home furnishing items provide a certain kind of warmth in a bedroom or a living room. This includes pillows, blankets, throw blankets, curtains, and bed sheets. They are made from many different types of materials, like cushions made from feathers, cotton, or foam. Curtains can have many materials according to the climate, look and feel. Their outer covering is typically made of cotton or silk. Towels are made of cotton or microfiber for extra absorption.

2. How do I choose soft furnishings?

It would help if you chose soft furnishing by accessing and selecting their quality, durability, material, pattern, and usage.
Firstly, analyze your home and determine the areas that need home furnishing items. Then choose the specific component of soft furnishings like pillows, blankets, curtains, etc. Now check their quality and durability so that they last for longer. Material is also essential that goes with the decor and feel of the room, like cotton, velvet, wool, or silk.
Lastly, determine the color and pattern that would accentuate the overall look of your room and home. Now you can enjoy the softness and coziness that soft furnishings brings to your home.

3. What size should a cushion cover be?

Typical cushion covers go from 12 inches x12 inches to 24 inches x 24 inches and various other dimensions of different shapes. The cushion cover size should be necessary, as a cushion cover should be tight enough and tight enough. Since it can distort the shape of the cushion, making it appear very unappealing. A loose soft furnishing cushion cover will fall from each side. In contrast, a smaller cushion cover will sinch the pillow, making it look bloated and overstuffed. For a square cushion cover, the size should be around 2 inches bigger than the cushion. In a rectangular or other shape cushion cover, it should be approximately 1 to 1.5 inches bigger.

4. Should the cushion cover be bigger than the cushion?

Yes, a cushion cover should be slightly bigger than the cushion itself for easy removal and change. If the cushion cover is the same size as the cushion, there will be a problem in removing it. A loose cushion cover will make the pillow look untidy and unkempt. A tight cushion cover will make the cushion even chunkier and overstuffed. So you should buy a soft furnishing cushion cover that is at most 1 inch to 2 inches bigger than the cushion. However, you can choose a cushion cover according to your preference if you want your pillow to look plump or firm.

5. Is a throw smaller than a blanket?

Yes, generally, a throw blanket is smaller than a regular blanket since they are made according to the size of the bed. A throw is usually the size of one person's use since it is used more in the living room. Throws are typically used as home furnishings in the winter and to give a cozy feel to any space by putting them on the sofa set or chair. Since throws are placed in the living room, they are made of better-quality materials. They are knitted like chenille, silk, and even velvet. Blankets are made from warm materials like fleece or wool.

6. What's the difference between a fleece blanket and a throw blanket?

Though they might seem similar, a fleece blanket and a throw blanket are different. Fleece blankets are used in bedrooms to cover the bed and give warmth while sleeping at night. In comparison, throw blankets are placed in the living room as a decorative items. However, they are also warm but are smaller in size than fleece blankets. Throws are sized according to a single person's use. Throws are knitted from better-quality fabrics like chenille, silk, and even velvet since they are used in living rooms. Wool or other warm textiles like fleece are used to make blankets.