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Exquisite Bookends & Book Stopper

What are bookends?

A bookend is a sturdy support generally placed at the end of the books to keep them upright. These bookends often come in a pair placed on both sides of the books to buttress them. Although these are mainly used to support the books, they are also used as home decor. They are available in different designs and shapes. They can be placed in drawing rooms and inside bookshelves to give your space a great visual appeal and enhance its charm to another level. The bookends come in various materials, including metal, wood, brass, aluminum, and marble. Due to their small size, they take up the least space, making it easy to keep them clean and maintain their fresh style. 

What are the creative book ends to add to your home library?

If you are finding the book ends to put inside your favourite library or in any other area of the home, then consider the below listed creative bookends. Bookends not only support the books and keep them upright but also helps in elevating the place artistically. 

Animal-inspired Bookend

Animal-inspired bookends come in various pairs of animals, like elephants, lions, rabbits, etc., on both sides in brass and wood material.

Sculpture Bookend

Sculpture bookends include sculptures of men, women, and superheroes, along with other famous personalities' sculptures sitting on both sides with books in between. 

Dice Bookend

Dice bookends are handcrafted in the shape of big dice with a finish of silver or gold.

Bird-inspired Bookend

The bird-inspired bookends have a pair of birds sitting on both sides with a space in between to hold the books firmly.

Vintage-inspired Bookend

Vintage-inspired bookends are in trend these days. These bookends would be loved by people who have a craze for the vintage era and its items. This would go well with the rustic style home decor. 

Flower Bookend

If you love to have a vibrant environment around yourself every time, then the flower bookends with a vase in a pair will spruce up your area. 

Seashore-inspired Bookend

The seashore-inspired bookends often cover a wide range of seashore objects like mermaids, fishes, shells, dolphins, and sharks. If you want a seashore feel in your home, try adding these unique bookends to your place.

Music-inspired Bookend

A music-inspired bookend is excellent for those who love to read books and hum to music. The guitars and musical notes in a pair make the music-inspired bookends.

What are the materials used in making a bookend?

A strong and long-lasting bookend is what we look for before even finalizing the design because its strength determines its capability to withstand daily wear and tear. Here are some of the materials from which bookends are manufactured. 


Wood is the most used material for furniture and home decor items. This is because they have the most tensile strength. Wood bookends are the most substantial and highly durable support stands. As eco-friendly, they are non-toxic and withstand everyday wear and tear.


Marble bookends are quite stylish due to their superior craftsmanship. It has an excellent luster and crystal-like appearance with a glossy finish. These types of bookends are available in various colors, like white, cream, brown, and beige, along with other colors.


Aluminum is a super stylish and gorgeous metal that quickly takes unique shapes. It is a soft and lightweight material with charm because of its attractive silver color.


Agate is a super stylish stone used to make adorable home decor items. These bookends are extraordinarily fashionable and are hard to withstand daily damage.


Brass is one kind of eco-friendly material that radiates a unique charm. It is durable and has antibacterial properties that keep away the disgusting bacteria. These bookends are easy to clean and require minimal upkeep. Therefore, it can last for a more extended period if taken care of in a proper manner.


Metal bookends are long-lasting and often eye-catching. In addition, these are light in weight and are easy to place in different corners of the home.

Where can you place the book holder in your home?

Along with serving their purpose of supporting the books and keeping them upright, the book holder also makes a perfect home decor item. Here are some places to keep them in your home and make a style statement.


Bookshelf is an ideal place that will perfectly accommodate the bookends. The small bookends in the more enormous bookshelves will add a unique look to the bookshelf. It can be arranged in vertical stacks or even in a horizontal manner to mix and match the styles together to give the bookshelf a fantastic appearance. 


If you love reading books before falling asleep at night, why not put the books alongside you? Keep the books in the bookends on the nightstands and catch your favorite books easily before going to sleep.

Round Side Tables

Whether it is a tall or short round side table, the bookends on them will add an aesthetic touch to the home decor.

Wall Mounted Cabinets

Wall-mounted cabinets are great for displaying the bookends with those books that you rarely need. In addition, the placement of the book ends will add an aesthetic charm to the space. 

How to arrange the books functionally in bookends?

Although the bookends are compact, you can still infuse the aesthetic charm by arranging the books functionally in the bookends.

Vertical Stacking

Vertical stacking is the typical arrangement of books in vertical order where books are kept one after the other between bookstands.

Horizontal Rows

Arranging the books in horizontal rows means putting them on one another while laying them down. This arrangement of books is perfect for placing those only in use sometimes.

Diagonal Stacking 

The diagonal arrangement of books is to place the book after one another in slanting order. The proper diagonal placement of books between the pair of book holders will look great.

Arrange Alphabetically

If you have many books, arranging them alphabetically will make you catch your favorite novel faster.

Organize by Height 

Books will be easy to pick up if arranged according to height. As per your convenience, you can set the books from taller to shorter or start from more straightforward to taller. 

How to decorate bookends with other decor items at home?

Here are some ways you can combine the bookends with other home decor items to spark the magic of your space.

Indoor Plants 

Indoor plants are nowadays found in every home. Not only do they provide a good amount of oxygen, but they also add charm to the house. So, placing the exclusive book holders near the plants in the cabinets will be a great addition to your home decor.

Alongside Photo Frames

Placing the book stands beside photo frames will invoke a great style in the room. You can place both of these together either in cabinets or put them together on the tables.

Beside Flower Vase 

A flower vase is a great decor item that enhances the room's grandeur. Place the bookend and flower vases together would be an excellent idea.

With Mementos

Mementos are what we cherish throughout our life. You can keep them in racks or other glass cabinets.

With Sculptures 

Putting the bookends alongside the sculptures will make a perfect pair together.

How to upkeep the bookends?

It is crucial to keep the bookends clean, and here are two ways that require minimal labor and will keep the bookends in a great position.

Regular Dusting

Dusting the bookends with a dry cloth on a daily basis will keep them away from catching dirt and dust. 

Rinse the Bookends

Once in a while, you can clean the bookends with detergent and water. Take the sponge and dip them in the detergent water. After this, rub the bookends with the detergent-dipped sponge to remove the dirt, and after that, swish it with normal cold water. Finally, keep it dry and soak all the moisture.

Why choose Arcedior?

Arcedior is a one-stop solution for bookends. Here, you will get an exclusive range of specially handcrafted bookends with unique designs that you can add to your home to reveal your artistic choice. The bookholders available at Arcedior are made of sturdy material with all the necessary stringent quality checks to ensure their durability. We have every unique design for your books that you can imagine. So, grab an artistic and elegant book holder for yourself and your dear ones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What does book ends mean?

Book ends are the sleek and sturdy objects mainly intended to support the books from both sides and keep them upright. These book ends come in several shapes and styles that you can place in the drawing room, bookshelves, libraries, and many other places. These book-supporting objects come in various materials like wood, marble, stone, and others.

2. What is the use of bookends?

The use of bookends is to support the books from two sides so that they remain firm in their place and do not fall down. These book ends hold the book in a compact space. The book holder can be put on the side tables or inside the libraries to keep the books in a good position. 

3. What's the meaning of bookend?

Bookend is the name given to an object used to hold the books in a smallholder. The book ends come in a variety of shapes and designs, for example, animal-inspired bookends, birds-inspired bookends, superhero bookends, seashore-inspired bookends, and many more to name. The bookends are made of different materials like wood, metal, brass, aluminum, marble, and stone. These are hard and strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

4. Why are bookends vital?

Bookends are vital because they help hold the books in a compact place. It is a sturdy material mainly intended to keep the books in an upright position. Placing them on nightstands and libraries will help you keep the books arranged. You can set the books vertically and easily catch on to your favorite fiction and non-fiction boose. Apart from holding the books, these bookends also serve as home decor items due to their several unique and elegant designs.