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The Best Lighting Option on Arcedior

Light is an essential element in any home, especially when you are looking to create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. There are many different types of lighting available for home decor, including:

     • Task lamps

     • Decorative lamps

     • Pendant lights

Task lamps can be used for various purposes, including reading and doing homework. At the same time, decorative lights can add interest to a room by displaying artwork or offering ambient lighting. Pendant lights can be used indoors and outdoors, as they give off a good amount of light while allowing you to add style to the room. 

When installing lamps, place big lamps in big rooms and small ones in smaller areas since they would look out of proportion. A bigger lamp in a smaller room can make the area look very clustered. A smaller lamp in a big room can make the lamp invisible, and its beauty is unappreciated. You can place fancy lamps in places you don't pay attention to, including your bathroom or dressing area. By taking the time to consider your lighting needs and choosing the right lighting fixtures, you can create the perfect environment for you and your family to feel at home. 

Different Categories of Lighting

Lighting is distributed into three broad categories and many subcategories. This helps segregate the lights into different uses, making them easier to adapt in a room.  

Ambient lighting 

Ambient lighting is the most used in the home as it is used in almost all corners. This general lighting helps the room's illumination, which is in a uniform pattern. This type of lighting depends on each person's personal preferences. It can be bright, dull, or a mixture of both to create the optimal balance.

Task lighting 

Good lighting is essential in performing daily tasks requiring high concentration. As the name suggests, task lighting is placed in areas where you have to perform tasks. These are generally used on the work or study desk, above the kitchen counter, and beside the bed for reading. They are usually brighter and are focused on a single point.  

Accent lighting 

Accent lighting is generally used for paintings, sculptures, plants, and other items. This type of lighting creates a focal point in the room to highlight specific areas or objects. It also helps to create depth and texture in the room, which can look flat.  

Different Types of Lamps

Arcedior has many innovative lighting options, uses quality materials, and is just plain beautiful. These are the different types of lighting to help you determine the optimal lighting better:  

Table Lamp

This lamp is small and can easily sit on a table or desk. It is primarily used as task lighting to read, work, study, and do other such activities. It has a bright light, which can be adjusted with a small switch. Please place the table lamp in the correct position for optimal light during work.

Floor Lamp

Lamps that are placed on the floor are known as floor lamps. They are usually tall and do not take up much space. Since they are not mounted to the wall, their location can change per usage. They are generally placed beside an armchair or at places that need accent lighting.  

Wall Lamp

Wall lamps come in many shapes and forms and are mounted on the wall. They can be large or small depending on the space, providing excellent light to the room. Wall scones can be placed in the bathroom beside the mirror, beside a painting, or on the bedside. They are so beautiful that they can be used as wall art.  

Hanging Lamp

Lamps that hang from the ceiling are known as hanging lamps, which include chandeliers, pendant lights, foyer lights, outdoor hanging lights, and lanterns. They can be strategically placed across the house to provide a great home decor accessory that makes the room even more welcoming. 

Where To Place Light in Home

Each room in the house requires different kinds of light, providing the most comfort.  

Living Room

Most of our time is spent in the living room, and rightly so, since it is the most spacious area in the home. All types of lighting are utilized in the living room, including task lights, ambient lights, and accent lighting. For overall lighting for illumination, ambient lighting is used. Accent lighting can be used above paintings, sculptures, and even plants! The task lights can be installed beside an armchair. 


The sleeping zone of the house can do with ambient lighting, which is not very heavy on the eyes. Since it is a relaxing zone, it needs warm tones of light that do not cause the eyes to hurt with their sharpness. You can place task lights like lamps beside the bed to read or watch television. Otherwise, you can adjust the light's gleam on the lamp for added comfort.  


A kitchen is a place that is the heart of the home, and food is at its core. Making and cooking food involves high temperatures and sharp knives, which can cause accidents if not careful. So the kitchen needs bold lights to make those accidents minimal. You can place task lights above the stove and pendant lights on top of the kitchen island.  


Scones and wall-mounted lights are a big plus to install in the bathroom since they provide a flash of light. The mirror needs to be well-lit since we do our daily activities like brushing our teeth, doing makeup, and overall grooming in front of it. If the light is dim, it will cause a disturbance, and you can get behind in the day since the tasks cannot be done correctly.


When you or a guest first steps inside your home, entrance is the first thing that is noticed. If it is dull, then it can be off-putting. So installing bright lights can significantly impact creating a warm and welcoming environment. Adding a small chandelier at the entrance can make your home look plusher.  

Dining Room

The place where the whole family sits together to eat and talk needs special lighting. So you can opt for beautiful pendant lighting above the dining table that will concentrate the light on the dining table. This will ensure that you enjoy food in the abundance of light. Also, ensure the pendant light is not too low; otherwise, you can hit your head.  

Choosing the Right Light On Arcedior

1. Firstly consider the areas that need to be illuminated and then determine their space.

2. Open the Shop Arcedior website and browse through the variety of lighting options available.

3. Match your home decor with the desired lighting.

4. Check their dimensions and color along with their instructions.

5. Click on the 'buy now' section, and within a few days, you will have the most unique and high-quality lighting adorning your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What do you mean by lighting?

Lighting is done to illuminate a particular or whole area using light. Lighting can have both natural and artificial sources like sunlight is a natural light source. Whereas lanterns, lamps, tube lights, and bulbs are artificial kind. For centuries large windows have been used to bring in more natural light to an area during daylight hours. In olden times, oil lamps and lanterns with candles were used for illumination at night. Lighting can also include floor, wall, table, and hanging lamps. Light is one of the essential energy sources that has propelled humans to succeed.  

2. What are the three types of lighting?

The three types of lighting are accent, task, and ambient or general light. 

Accent light is used when something in the room needs to be highlighted, like a sculpture, plant, painting, or simply a part of the room. This adds the necessary dimension and texture to the room. 

Task lights are used to do various tasks like reading, drawing, cooking, studying, and even working. 

Ambient or general lighting is used throughout the house to provide ample illumination so that our daily lives can carry on. All three types of lighting are essential in each room for the best glow. 

3. What should I look for in a desk lamp?

First and foremost, a desk lamp should have a very bright and clear light and should not fluctuate. Next, check if it is giving light at a focused place and does not give a glare. Its light, height, and front should be adjustable according to the day's requirements. The size of the lamp must be according to the table it is placed upon so that it only takes up a little space. The material of the lamp should also be considered since it should match the room's decor. Otherwise, it can look like an unnecessary blob in the room.  

4. What are floor lamps used for?

Floor lamps are a singular piece of home decor lighting placed on the floor. Usually, they are taller and more prominent in size and go behind the furniture or beside them to give an ambient lighting effect. You can use them as task lighting and accent lighting both. You can place it beside your desk or sofa upon which you can do reading. Or work as an accent light to create shaded silhouettes in the room that will add a pump of texture. Floor lamps also provide an illusion of space and height since they are taller and do not take up unnecessary space. 

5. What are the different types of floor lamps available?

Some floor lamps include torchiere lamps, tower lamps, cube lamps, candelabra lamps, and swing arm lamps. A torchiere lamp is characterized by its inverted lamp, and the light disperses towards the ceiling. Tower lamps resemble a tower building, and you can place decorative and valuable items in its hollow groves. As the name indicates, the cube lamp is shaped like a cube and is available in multiple color options. Candelabra lamps have been used since olden times and are beautiful and intricate. Swing arm lamps are versatile since their head can be adjusted according to the requirement.  

6. What type of lighting is a pendant light?

A pendant light is a type of lighting fixture suspended from the ceiling and is a statement piece in the room. They are suspended in the air with the help of a rod, metal cord, or chain, usually placed in the middle of the room or upon the dining table to provide a task and accent light mixture. You can use them indoors and outdoors since they are available in different styles and materials. They can be made of bamboo, metal, steel, brass, rattan, cork, and many other materials. Like a chandelier, they can have several bulbs or lights on them; otherwise, they are also singular.