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Elegant dining table mats & runners

What is a table mat?

A table mat is a piece of fabric, like cotton, jute, paper, etc., that is used to protect the surface of a table from scratches and spills. These dining table mats cover an individual setting to put the hot cups and plates on. These placemats act as a layer of protection in numerous styles and designs to add a stylish touch to the dining setting while being functional. The table mat is excellent for covering a small dining table area and does not replace the tablecloth. The table mat adds a charm of elegance to the dining area while protecting the dining table from spills and stains.  

What are the different types of dining table mats?

Cotton Table Mat

A cotton table mat is the most preferred choice in homes and restaurants. Due to its exceptional absorbency capability, cotton table runner quickly soaks the liquid spills. These placemats, especially in white, add a touch of sophistication and refinement to the table. Moreover, they do not harm nature as they are environmentally friendly. In addition to this, it is pretty easy to wash them in the machine.

Paper Table Mat

The paper table mat is the finest option when you believe in use and throw. There remains no need to use the once-used paper mat again. These dining table mats are ideal for high-traffic places like hotels, bars, cafes, and restaurants. In addition, this table mat does not require any cleaning work. Also, they do not cost much when bought in bulk. 

Leather Table Mat

A leather table mat is durable and can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures. In addition, this table runner is waterproof, and the surface can easily be wiped off with a damp sponge or cloth when spilled. They are versatile and add a sleek and modern touch to the dining space while adhering to the table's surface.

Plastic Table Mat

The plastic table mat is a great option to consider when you want an inexpensive yet durable table mat. These dining table mats are stain resistant and can easily be recycled. Also, it is pretty simple to clean them. Use a damp sponge to clean the surface or shake it off to remove the dust particles.

Wood Table Mat

The wood table mat is an environmentally friendly option that requires minor upkeep. These are strong enough to wear and tear and withstand daily spills and stains. They just need a wipe-off from a damp sponge to retain their appearance.

Silk Table Mat

The silk table mat is made from silkworm, which makes it highly soft and lustrous. These dining table mats are ideal for decoration sake and come in a variety of styles and designs to choose from.

Lace Table Mat

A lace table mat is the most elegant dining table mat, adding charm to the table space. These have highly intricate designs to elevate the level of the room. They are ideal for placing any type of home-style decor. However, these dining table mats look more sophisticated in white-colored embroidery.

Kids Table Mat

The kids' dining table mat is vibrant and playful in appearance. In addition, these placemats are designed carefully so that they remain resistant to stains and spills. These placemats have unique and funky designs to attract the kids attracted towards them.

Silicone Table Mat

A silicone table mat is carefully designed to keep them durable for an extended period. These are resilient to high temperatures and withstand heat and burns. In addition, these keep the table's surface protected and keep their fresh look alive.

Quilted Table Mat

The quilted table mat is made from several layers of fabric with the hand stitching technique. They absorb the liquid quickly. These dining table mats are long-lasting and can be thoroughly washed in a machine.

Polyester Table Mat 

The polyester table mat is highly durable and is heat, spill, and stain resistant. These are carefully made so that they do not slip and adhere firmly to the table's surface while the person is having the food.

Denim Table Mat

Denim table mat is the stylish table runner to place on dining tables, and also they are pretty soft and durable. They are not prone to getting stained and burnt easily. They are also easy to wash in a machine and can also be recycled.

Jute Table Mat

A jute table mat is inexpensive and durable, which makes it a great choice to place on the table. It is strong and environmentally friendly, which goes well with rustic-style home decor. Jute tends to have a coarse texture that would complement other fabrics like cotton and silk to have a layered look on the dining table.

What are the different shapes of placemats available?

There are several shapes of table mats available in the market today. Choosing the perfect form of a table runner that uniquely matches your decor taste is a wise decision. Here listed are some of the trendiest shapes that people love to try.

Round Table Mat

This table runner is chic and takes the least of the dining area space while enhancing its stylish look. These placemats are an appropriate choice to lay on the table using round plates.

Square Table Mat

The square table mat goes well with the square and round plates both. Also, these are easy to clean and give your space a unique and new look.

Rectangular Table Mat

This table mat is ideal for placing large trays and big bowls as they take up a larger area than the square mats. They accentuate the dining table if placed in the center of the table, with the square ones preserved for individual settings.

Oval Table Mat

The oval table mat is trendy and exudes a touch of sophistication to the dining area. Their curved edges add a dash of style to the table while being functional to offer protection from spills and stains from hot utensils.

What are the prominent roles of a table runner?

Whenever people buy a table runner, they mostly choose them to protect their dining tables from getting damaged and stained. But besides serving its primary purpose of saving the table from harm, the placemats offer various other services listed below.


The primary purpose of a table mat is to protect the dining table from stains like hot food marks and beverage splatter. If the hot coffee or tea stain on the dining table keeps you worried, then choose the table mat to protect the material of your table. Whether your table is made of wood or marble, the setting of the table mat will surely keep your worries away.

Noise Reduction

Placing placemats on the dining table reduces the noise caused by the glass cups, plates, and bowls directly interacting with the table. This table mat acts as a barrier between the table and the crockery, ultimately absorbing the noise caused by putting the plates and cups on it. 

Decor Item

This table runner acts as a piece of home decor if chosen appropriately. These placemats should be selected in such a way that they complement the home decor style and the dining table. When this table mat is placed over the table cloth, the layered placement of the table cloth and the table mat creates a beautiful fusion giving the dining space an elevated appearance.

Advertising Item

A table mat can also be used to advertise the menu if they are being used in restaurants and cafes. Along with this, these placemats can also have customization, like your pictures imprinted on them. 

Why choose Arcedior?

Arcedior offers the most luxurious selection of dining table mats to enhance the elegance of your eating space. The placemats provided here have undergone quality inspections to guarantee their incredible strength and durability. As a result, we have the most beautiful and distinctive table mat patterns that can boost your home stylishly. In addition, the quality materials used in making these table runners ensure the protection of the dining table while preserving its brand-new appearance. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Which material is best for table mats?

The best material for table mats is cotton because these dining table mats have excellent absorbency and are easy to clean. These placemats absorb liquid spills very quickly and are also lightweight to put on the table. In addition, these are machine washable and dry very rapidly. Finally, the white-colored cotton placemats are ideal for a more sophisticated look.

2. What is the purpose of a table mat?

A table mat is primarily used to protect the table from spills and stains caused by the food and water on its surface. These placemats act as a barrier between the crockery and the surface of the table and absorb the noise caused by directly placing the crockery on the table. In addition to this, they also act as a piece of decor item that comes in various styles and patterns. 

3. Do placemats stay on table?

Yes, placemats stay on the table. However, these are not the same as that of the table clothes. These pieces of fabric cover the small area of the table, especially the individual setting so that the table is not affected by the marks of hot beverage and chilled water. These come in a variety of fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, velvet, wood, and many others.

4. Do table runners need to hang off table?

Yes, table runners need to hang off the table. This is so because eating the food may stain your clothes, so the runner hanging off the table can protect your clothes from getting stained by water and food placed on the table. These dining table mats also help reduce the crockery noise while serving as a decor item for the table space.

5. Should a table runner cover the whole table?

No, a table runner should not cover the whole table. A table runner is specifically designed to serve the individual setting in the dining space. For the whole table, a tablecloth is used to cover it. You can layer the tablecloth with the table runner in different shapes and styles to create a visually appealing look for your table.