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 The Best Home Decor On Arcedior

Why is Decor items Important in our Lives?

Imagine walking into a home with just doors, floorings, and walls that make it another piece of land. A home is an intimate place where your kids grow up and you spend quality time, make memories, share sorrows, and spark joyous moments. You put your heart and soul into decorating because it's something you'll see every day. So it inherently becomes a crucial part of your life that you build meticulously.

Decor items can range from everything in the house that your eyes can see, including

          Soft Furnishings
          Side tables
          Kitchen Accessories
          Bar tools
          Desk organizers and the list goes on and on.

From minute details to big furnishings, it sparks a creative and artistic side of one’s personality which is reflected in the kind of patterns, texture, or design one chooses. Though decor trends keep fluctuating and changing from time to time, you can find your zen decor that works best for your needs and preferences.

Check out Arcedior’s wide range of decorative items, whether you like a traditional style, a contemporary look, or anything in between.

What are the Different Decor Items Used in the Home?

Arcedior offers designer, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind home decor items.

Different Styles of Home Decor

The home-style speaks volumes about the style of the person residing. These home decor styles are some of the most beloved around the globe.


This home decor style takes a cue from the North African country of Morocco. Its design elements are characterized by geometric shapes, floral motifs, and vibrant colors. People who are artistic at heart are the ones who are drawn to this style. This can be due to its colorful look, which can help make the home more radiant.


Indian decor style has taken the world by storm since the Indian handloom gained popularity. Its trademark feature is the beautiful handwork representing this great land’s rich cultural heritage.
Arcedior is proud to give a platform to Indian brands that make their home decor items by local artisans. With this, India’s handicraft and regional techniques do not wither with time.

Hollywood Glam

It was inspired by Hollywood’s glamorous era, which took a cue from the 1920s and went into overdrive in the 1930s. This style is equipped with extravagant decor, metallic accents, deep colors, and heavy use of mirrors. People who love glamour and modern design ideology would relate to this style.


Adventure and free-spiritedness rest at the core of this home decor style. This is because it was inspired by people who didn’t live in conformity and wanted to create their wild world. This style does not adhere to set rules but relies on the designer’s creativity. With fringes, crochet, and lively patterns, the Bohemian style is loved worldwide.


Japanese ideology of minimalism plays a crucial role in shaping this home decor style. Minimalism means eliminating unnecessary items and making way for more space in life.
If the area is free of chaos, the mind will become peaceful. Straight lines, natural elements, and subtle colors form this trend.

Here are some categories that are available on the website:


Rugs are quintessentially the most beautiful piece of decor in the home. It's a rich tapestry, and vibrant colors make dull and drab flooring pop up. They are distinguished by their style of making, which is hand-knotted, hand-loomed, hand-tufted, and flatweave. Persian and Morrocan rugs are some of the most expensive in the world, as their beauty speaks volumes in their design.

Soft Furnishings

Furnishing items that are soft to the touch is considered a part of soft furnishings. This includes bedding, curtains, pillows, throw blankets, towels, etc. They are responsible for adding texture and depth to the room, without which a room can look incomplete. They sprinkle color and extra pizzazz to the home decor, which can bring warmth and comfort.


A dining table is a cozy space for family and friends to celebrate small moments. Food is an integral part of that regime; without fancy tableware, it can get subdued. Tableware includes four categories: flatware, dinnerware, serveware, and drinkware. They are complimentary to each other and make any meal a hundred times more enjoyable.


Light can be considered a fundamental element while decorating the home. The play of light and shadow creates an ambiance of calm and peace which is integral to the human mind.
Lighting, which includes task lights, ambient lighting, and general lighting, can be placed strategically around the home. Task lighting is used while performing any task, while ambient lighting is used to create illumination.

Bar Accessories

Anyone’s bartender skills can come to life with bar accessories, including shakers, stirrers, bottle openers, wine racks, etc. A drink tastes a million bucks if it is poured into its designated glass, so investing in bar accessories is always a good idea.

Great for entertaining guests by whipping up the tastiest brew in minutes. Bar tools come in handy for a relaxing evening while enjoying a mocktail or cocktail.

Wall Decor

The newest trend is wall decor, which can give any boring wall a new lease of life. They have a dramatic effect on the wall that can become a home decor item that brings the room together. Wall decor includes wall murals, wallpapers, paintings, decals, and more.

Desk Accessories

A cluttered desk is reminiscent of a cluttered mind which some desk accessories can easily organize. The desk is where the mind brews fresh ideas; for them to manifest, the right tools should be just an arm away. For that, desk organizers like pen stands, trays, folders, and filers can come in handy.

Pots and Planters

Plants bring in fresh air known to improve mood and productivity. Different pots and planters are available for all kinds of homes to keep those plants in the home. For the living room, you can add ornamental or metal planters. A terracotta or concrete pot can be the optimal choice outdoors since they are sturdy and last longer.


Vases are multi-utility home decor items that can be used in many forms and ways. They are used for pouring water in the dining room, storing makeup brushes, mixing cocktails, and, most importantly, displaying beautiful flowers.
Since vases come in many shapes, colors, and sizes, they can easily blend with any space for more beautification.

Reasons to Buy Home Decor Online from Arcedior?

You can always go wrong while shopping with Arcedior since only the best on the market is listed. This makes Arcedior one of the most trusted and beloved home decor brands.

Wide Selection

At Arcedior, a well-curated list of all the home decor essentials ensures that your home is equipped with the latest trends. You will not need to look any further since you get genuine quality designer products at the touch of a button.

Excellent Quality

Most of the home decor products available on Arcedior are made by local Indian artisans. Boosting the local economy, the brands on the platform use sustainable methods to produce each item. Durable materials with excellent finish are of the topmost priority.

Designer Products

Each product is unique from the rest available online and in markets. Designed to perfection to give a new spin to products ensures that you always stay ahead of the rest.

Things To Keep in Mind While Decorating Your House

Check the Available Space

First and foremost, determine the space of each room and then make an informed decision. This will allow you to select each item of decor carefully.

Follow a Theme

If you want your home to look more put together, then always follow one theme or pattern. This ensures that there is coordination and no overdone areas.

Add Different Textures

Don’t just stick to one texture; try incorporating as many dimensions as possible to give a three-dimensional effect.

Natural Elements

Nature calms the mind and the senses, which is why natural elements are essential in the house. From earthy tones to planters, you can find creative ideas to soak in nature.

Comfort is the Key

Your comfort is the topmost priority, so add soft furnishings to your decor. This will give a more homely feel to the room, making you feel warm and cozy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Where can I shop online for home decor products in India?

Arcedior is your one-stop solution for all your decor needs, where you can find home decor items that are curated just for you. Each item is hand selected, timeless, and trendy, ensuring you get only the creme de la creme of home decor online. Updated regularly to match the latest styles, Arcedior proudly features home decor items proudly made in India.

From rugs to bar tools, you can find all your home decor online through their website

2. How do I find the best home decor products online?

Arcedior is a premium home decor website with the best decor items available in India. With top-notch quality, the latest style, unique products, and, of course, a reputation of many years of making, Arcedior is at the top of its game.
If you want to add a touch of glamour and nuance to your home and need clarification about the trending styles, then they have numerous blogs to guide you. To visit and buy the most exclusive home decor products, you can check out Shop Arcedior.

3. What is the most popular home decor item?

Home decor is something we use to reflect our style and taste and is generally well-curated since we see it every day. Some popular home decor items include mirrors, kitchen accessories, rugs, pillows, wall decor, and clocks. These items are used regularly, and people spend more time searching for these home decor items online.Other home decor items like lamps, crockery, cutlery, pots, and planters also have heavy search traffic online.


4. What does home decor include?

Home decor includes bar tools, kitchen accessories, rugs, pillows, wall decor, clocks, lamps, crockery, cutlery, pots, planters, coasters, and so much more. A house becomes a home when it is decorated with multiple home decor items. Otherwise, a house includes walls, stairs, cupboards, and kitchen appliances.

The decor makes a place unique and exclusively caters to your needs, wants, and desires. Each facet of your home is decorated according to your preference, from upholstery to pillow covers. There are different decor styles that you can adopt in your home, including contemporary, modern, minimalist, bohemian, Indian, etc.

5. What are the best home decor gift items?

The best home decor gift items loved and well appreciated are sculptures, candlelight holders, cutlery, crockery, trays, paintings, lanterns, and vases. Traditionally home decor items are gifted on occasions like Diwali, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, house warmings, parties, and weddings. The best part about giving decor items is that they are not just for one-time use but have added value to your home and life.

If you wish to gift a more personalized decor item, make sure it suits the personality and liking of the person you are giving.

6. Why is home decor so important?

A house becomes a home when a person adds personalized items curated to each liking and style. Home decor is an essential facet of everyone’s life since it is what we see the whole day at home. Our peaceful abode will only serve its purpose if it is convenient, beautiful, and likable.Home decor is an image of self-expression from a minute spoon to a large painting. Home decor includes everything apart from furniture like curtains, crockery, pillow, bedspread, vase, clocks, and much more.