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  • Marble Disk Cluster Wall Decor | Decorative Wall Plates for Living Room Marble Disk Cluster Wall Decor | Decorative Wall Plates for Living Room
  • Artisan Canvas Wall Decor: Two Peacock Blue Masterpiece Collection Artisan Canvas Wall Decor: Two Peacock Blue Masterpiece Collection
  • Ageless Trio: Artisan Canvas Wall Decor Masterpiece Ageless Trio: Artisan Canvas Wall Decor Masterpiece
  • Abstract Big Eyes: Artisan Canvas Wall Decor Masterpiece Abstract Big Eyes: Artisan Canvas Wall Decor Masterpiece
  • Abstract Elegance: Artisan Canvas Wall Decor Oil Painting Abstract Elegance: Artisan Canvas Wall Decor Oil Painting
  • Handcrafted Agate Shubh Labh Door Hangings Showpiece Perfect for Diwali Weddings or House Warmings Garland Handcrafted Agate Shubh Labh Door Hangings Showpiece Perfect for Diwali Weddings or House Warmings Garland

    Handcrafted Agate Shubh Labh Door Hangings Showpiece Perfect for Diwali Weddings or House Warmings Garland

    ₹ 1,348.65 ₹ 606.15
  • Dual Silver Human Figurine Dual Silver Human Figurine

    Dual Silver Human Figurine

    ₹ 1,618.65

Latest Wall Decor Items on Arcedior

What Makes Wall Decor The Need Of The Hour?

Including wall art in your home decor can have a dramatic effect, whether you decide to showcase one giant wall scape or multiple smaller ones. If you need help determining where to begin, go through Arcedior's vast selection of unique statues, wall decor, and sculptures for all your home design requirements. Wall decor can be used in various ways to decorate a property. Using them as a room's centerpieces or focal points is one method. They can also be used to give a place more texture and intrigue.

Both indoors and outdoors can make use of wall plates. Make sure they are constructed from weather-resistant materials if you decide to use them outside. Aluminum, iron, stone, metal, wood, and even glass are a few materials used to create them. Whether you love wall decor that is animal print, traditional, floral, or religious, there is sure to be a design that appeals to you. Think about the sculpture's scale and location while selecting it for your home. A sculpture that is too big or too small for the area is different from what you want. You should also ensure it is positioned in a visible and appealing region.

What Are The Different Ways In Which A Wall Can Be Decorated?

Walls cannot be painted so frequently and, over time, can become dull and boring. Wall decor comes to the rescue by bringing an array of class, sophistication, and chic style. 

Wall Decor

Wall decor is a simple way to make your room look different. Unlike wallpaper, wall decor can be changed according to the latest trend and styles. It depends on the desired look and availability of the wall space. Some wall decor is big enough to cover the wall, and others are small enough to keep on the desk. 

Wall Murals

A beautiful way of self-expression, murals are artwork done on the wall directly. They can be handpainted or can be in graffiti form. Wall murals can be depicted in a story form or geometric patterns. They can be made to fit the whole wall, or you can keep it simple by just painting a few straight or curved lines. Frescos, mosaics, and marouflage are techniques used to create a wall mural. 

Wall Scones

Accent lighting in the form of wall scone creates plush silhouettes on the wall, which gives it more texture. You can place wall scones as it is or place them beside a painting on each side. You can choose warm lighting or a different color to make the wall pop. 


A cluster of small paintings or a singular large painting can pull together the room's look. They can spruce up the wall, making it the space's focal point. The colours of the paintings can match the palette of the decor or have a sharp contrast to the decor style. This will create the desired look, which can provide a renewed freshness.


Wallpapers and wall decals are the latest trends to breathe more life into boring walls. They can be applied and removed easily, making them changeable according to your current state of mind or the latest trend. You can create a jungle, ocean, galaxy theme, or anything else on your wall with wallpaper. 


Gilded mirrors in strategic positions can help make the room look more spacious. A mirror can be simple without any borders or design. To constitute it as wall art, these mirrors have an artsy frame. Many other wall art uses the mirror for a more detailed look. 

Hanging Plates

If you are the proud owner of fine bone china or 24-karat gold plates, show it off on your walls. Crockeries on Arcedior are a piece of art that is fit to be made into wall art. They are hand-painted using the most vibrant color palette, sure to make them the center of attraction. 

Wall Plates

Unlike regular plates, wall plates are like sculptures that can be hung on the wall. They are shaped like a plate but have designs that protrude out, making them appear almost three-dimensional. This has been used for centuries to make the home more nuanced. 

Wall Shelves

You can mount a wooden or glass shelf effortlessly if you need more space in the room. You can place books and decorative items like planters, clocks, sculptures, and more which can further elevate the look of the wall. 

How To Select The Perfect Wall Art For Your Room

To optimize the wall to provide the maximum output with minimum effort, wall decor is the way forward. But to gain the most out of your wall art, having perfect placement and style is essential. 

Choosing the Right Wall

Wall decor looks the best on a wall that is comparatively free of furniture or other elements. This can make the wall the central focus of the room, bringing alignment and structure to the room. Besides this, you can choose a dull wall in any corner of the house and choose a wall decor that can make it more appealing. 

Right Shape and Size

After narrowing down to the wall, you want to decorate and measure its dimensions. Then select wall art that will fit on the wall while leaving some blank space. Since there are many shapes and sizes, you can mix and match varied wall decor to create a vibrant look. The layering of different heights can make a massive difference. 

Decor Style

Next, analyze your room's theme and color scheme and check for your home's underlying tone. Choose the wall decor according to the same theme to form a cohesive look. If your furniture has gold, silver, or bronze elements, then a wall decor would look extra special if it is in that same tone. Also, make sure that your wall art's colour differs from the wall; otherwise, it will blend in and not stand out. 

Good Illumination

To highlight the wall, good lighting will do a job well. Wall scones, pendant lights, task lights, or accent lighting are suitable options for placing them on the wall. You can put the lighting in the cove in the ceiling with a powerful beam on the wall art. Otherwise, mount the lighting above or beside the wall art. 

Why Choose Wall Decor Online From Arcedior?

Arcedior has become the most loved brand for all home decor needs. You can make your walls spark new life with a curated selection of wall decorations. 

Supporting Local Artisans

Since Arcedior has a full range of products that local artisans make, it ensures that rural techniques thrive. Using eco-friendly production methods, the multiple brands on the website uphold these high standards. 

Unique Products

Unlike any design on the market, Arcedior has products that match home decor and aesthetics. Suppose you prefer floral, geometric, bold colours, subtle hues, or any other style. In that case, there will surely be one to match your preference. You can find suitable wall murals, plates, sculptures, panels, mirrors, wall scones, and even art that you can place on the shelf!

Different Material Available

Materials like wood, metal, brass, marble, copper, ceramic, and more can work wonders to make your wall a work of art. Almost all materials are available in different tints in multiple wall decors. Check out the latest and trending wall decor items on Arcedior Shop.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the different types of wall decorations?

Paintings, wall murals, photographs, wood, clocks, decals, and wallpapers are different types of wall decorations. To spruce up your wall, wall decorations have gained popularity. The most eminent are wallpaper and wall decals. They come in many prints and sizes, with some having a peel-and-remove option. This makes it very convenient and can be changed again and again. Wall art and wall plates are other decor items you can buy online to enhance your wall's look. You can also place many photographs in the same color or different photo frames to form a nice collage. 

2. What are popular wall decorations?

Wall plates, metal wall decor, gallery walls, wallpapers, lighting, and accent walls are popular types of wall decor. Wall plates are the new trend since they are intricate and beautiful. They come in many kinds of materials that you can choose from according to your wall. This comes with considerable ease since they can be changed from time to time so that your wall looks new each time. Lighting can also do wonders in decorating a wall. A pendant or tall floor lamp can play with the light and shadow, creating a subdued effect.

3. What are wall murals called?

Murals are a type of artwork that is done directly on the wall in the form of art or graffiti. They can be a form of self-expression and storytelling that becomes live on the wall. Numerous techniques exist to create a mural, like frescos, mosaics, and marouflage. The famous Sistine Chapel in Vatican City is an example of a wall mural. If you want a beautiful wall mural or wall art in your home, you can hire a talented artist or even do it yourself. Otherwise, tons of options are available in the form of wallpapers that look like the real thing.

4. What is Metal Wall Art?

The trend of metal wall art is ruling the home decor industry due to its beauty and uniqueness. Metal wall art is made of any metal molded or hammered in the shape of different artworks like flowers, plates, geometric patterns, and more. Large metal wall decor is a painting made of metal and can be placed as one would use a painting. This wall decor looks the best on a relatively empty wall so that it becomes the room's focal point. You can also mix and match different metal wall art to create magic in your home. 

5. How to decorate walls at home?

A wall can be a blank canvas that you can decorate with home decor items online, like wall murals, lighting, paintings, wallpapers, mirrors, and even hanging plates. Wall murals can include wall sculptures that can be placed singularly or in a set, depending on the size of the wall. You can put pendant lights to give a more ambient effect to your wall. Paintings are the best way to decorate any dull wall. You can purchase them from your favorite artists or display your paintings online. A mirror is also a good option since it instantly makes the room look bigger. 

6. What is the purpose of wall art?

Wall art beautifies your walls and adds a fresh perspective to them. A wall art can be just a simple photo frame of you and your family, or it could be more elaborate, like a wall mural. Wall art's sole purpose is to provide you with the utmost joy and make the room look aligned with the rest of the decor. Walls are often neglected and have a dull color on them. Making minor tweaks like placing a metal wall art, painting, sculpture, clock, or even a lamp can make all the difference in the world.