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What is a globe?

Globe is a model of the Earth, or celestial body, representing its physical or political features. It is a spherical representation of the Earth, providing historical, topographical, or political information. It has an axis around which the globe rotates clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

The primary reason for manufacturing a world globe is to display the information we possess in a model. Any of the three methods produce the globes:

     1. Vacuum formed
     2. Press formed
     3. Hand-cut and applied 

The world globe is placed in schools, colleges, homes, and even in offices. There are many types of world globes based on materials, usage, illumination, and information.

Purposes of the globe

A world globe serves many purposes in daily life. Here are the unspoken purposes that a sphere serves:

Provides topographical information

The location of mountains, rivers, deserts, grasslands, and other topographical features are the points of interest when pondering the globe. 

Provides political information

The political boundary between the nations is seen around the globe. It helps to understand the location of neighboring, friendly, and enemy countries. The highways, waterways, location of essential minerals, and strategic location of unexplored land are easily studied on the political globe.

For gifting purpose 

It is a perfect gift for studious children, academicians, collectors, and enthusiastic people who love to have a globe as a decorative item. 

Types of globes

There are many sorts of globes based on the components utilized, the information it offers, and the accuracy of the quality and data. There are two types of globes:


The terrestrial globe shows the physical and political features of the world. The landmass and water bodies are also demarcated in some world globe. It might feature prime cities, strategic transportation routes, and longitudes. It helps in teaching and learning about our planet Earth and the world we live in. 


A celestial globe shows the prominent location of constellations, stars, and astronomical objects on celestial spheres. An illuminated celestial globe looks fantastic in the dark and is easier to study this way.

Based on the place where globe is kept:

Floor globes

These are placed on floors in an upright position and are easy to maneuver this way too. The floor globes are more prominent than desktop globes. There are multifunctional globes that act as decorative items and feature storage space. They are of perfect height for children to learn about the planet Earth. 

Desktop globes

These are decorative items that can be in any shape. Disc shape globes, icosahedron globes, and floating globes are some of the trendiest for desktops. They are portable and compact in design. Small glass globes are also used as paperweights. You will find the representation of the world in matt finish on glossy seas or ice. 

Based on ocean designs on globe:

Blue globe

The spread of five great oceans, i.e., Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic, and Southern oceans, are represented in ocean blue. As the depth increases, the color of blue also varies from onshore to offshore. The significant seas, rivers, and deltaic regions are colored blue to represent water. The land masses are colored brown to green as per the increase in vegetation on land. 

Antique globe

These are one of the favorite pieces for historians and collectors. The representation of landmass and water bodies are generally all in brown. The names printed in cursive style make them antique and unique. They are usually made of metal, such as brass, copper, and steel. 

Based on illumination:

Illuminated globe

The light inside the globe gives an edge to all regular and traditional globes. This adds charm to the children's room as it looks amazing and simultaneously teaches them about the night sky.  They are used in the dark and at night and act as a lamp. It can be battery-operated or plugged in. You may buy illuminated globes online as they are the trendiest ones.


These are regular globes that do not have any source of light. They are used in the daytime and act as interior decor item.

Based on geography:


The demarcation of political boundaries between the nations is well represented in the political globe. They act as conversation starters among political enthusiasts and those who show a keen interest in current affairs. These are also used in classrooms to teach the students about the national and international situations of the world's geographical and political status. 


These are highly important globes, representing the location of landmass and water bodies on Earth. The topography of the world is described in this type of globe. These are used for teaching and learning purposes or while planning a trip. You may find a physical globe online and gift it to a geographer or one who shows interest in learning about Earth. 

Based on material:


It is a natural material and is easily available in nature. Although it is challenging to carve a block of wood in a rounded shape, it is durable and looks classy once made. However, these are expensive as they need expert craftsmanship and need to be in precision. 


It is a synthetic material that has proven its durability and flexibility. These are portable and practical for children and students. You may also add pins on specific locations to highlight the places you've been or planning to go. 


Globes made of glass material exude elegance and luxury. They are also used as decorative items and paperweights. It has two variations: with an axis and without an axis. 


Globes made of paper are usually seen in foldable globes. The paper is designed and cut in such a style that it turns into a world globe when folded. As a result, they are more inexpensive than wooden ones.


High-end globes are made of metal, such as copper and brass. These statement globes are the ones that spark talk. You may also find an extra ring on a globe called the equator ring that covers the middle portion of the Earth. 

Based on unique features:

Raised relief

In this type of globe, topographical features are represented by raised materials. It makes the students pretty easy to understand and can relate to the presence and absence of relief worldwide. Moreover, the raised relief shows us how beautiful  our planet Earth is. 


It is a modern technology that uses magnets to keep the globe hovering over the platform. It is a tech-friendly and fun piece as a decorative item. The floating globes are also known as levitating globes. 

Day and night

These are educational and decorative items for homes, offices, and schools. How does it work? You can see the shadow zone where nighttime is since half of the world is illuminated by the sun during the day. The Earth's shadow covers the other half of the world at night. 


These are the globes that accommodate bar accessories. You just need to lift the upper half portion of the globe, and you will get the complete bar in it. The globe is functional and has a stool with wheels as well. 


Suppose you need information about the historical expansion of empires in a particular decade or simultaneously with other kingdoms. In that case, historical globes are the ones you're looking for. These are informational types of globes.


It is an icosahedron in shape and is a portable globe that is easy to carry. It is a perfect decorative item for offices, corporate houses, and hotels. These are simple to unfold and can be produced repeatedly. You can buy foldable globes online at cheap prices. 


These are passed down from generation to generation and hold sentimental and emotional values. Early navigators used these as a compass and contained much important information. 


You can print your company's logo and photos or highlight important locations in customized globes. These serve as personal as well as official pieces of decoration. 

Why choose world globes from Arcedior?

Arcedior is your one-stop solution, as we have many remarkable globes. For aesthetic purposes, you can use them on your desktop, home, or office. It is a must-have accessory for travelers and geographers and students. You will get  premium material quality and precision at the best price. Choose eclectic globes online for your space that you can use for decoration and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you maintain a globe?

A globe should be kept in a dry location to prevent moisture from ruining the paper that is wrapped around the globe's spherical surface. The metallic, glass and wooden globes just need a wipe from a damp cloth and simultaneously with a dry cloth. You should keep floating globes away from electronic devices. In addition, you should limit how often you touch the globe because it is easily stained.

2. What to look for when buying a globe?

You have to look for the purpose you're buying a globe for. For educational purposes, go for comprehensive globes that give enormous information. There are variations in the information written on globes, such as historical, geographical, meteorological, demographical, and astronomical data and figures. If you have a high budget, go for a metallic or wooden globe. Otherwise, go for plastic material. You may find world globe online at the best price. 

3. What are the benefits of globes?

Globe gives us various types of information that hold importance for different kinds of observers. Some of the benefits of owning globes are:

It is a 3-dimensional model of the Earth, thus showing the exact locations of mountains, rivers, oceans, and forests. In addition, major national parks, marine sanctuaries, and historical places are also highlighted on the globe. It shows the elliptical shape of the Earth and the tilt of an axis to its orbital plane. The present political situation and boundaries between nations and states are well-demarcated around the globe. 

4. How many types of globes are there?

There are two types of globes: terrestrial globes and celestial globes.  The physical and political characteristics of the world are displayed on the terrestrial globe. Some global globes additionally show the boundaries between landmasses and ocean bodies. It might include well-known cities, crucial thoroughfares, latitudes, and longitudes. It aids in educating people about Earth and the society in which we live. An image of a celestial globe displays the prominent positions of stars, constellations, and other astronomical objects. However, studying an illuminated celestial globe in the dark is much simpler and looks fantastic.