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What are trays used for?

A tray is not just tableware to serve dinner; it can be used for decorative or gifting purposes. For example, it is used to place hot items that are risky to handle. A serving tray to serve, a bar tray at a bar, or a butler tray that is both a table and tray are some of the different types of trays that serve different purposes.

Here are some of the proven ways that a tray can be used.

Tea Serving Tray

Sipping tea is everybody's cup of tea, whether in the morning or at a tea party. Tea serving tray prevents the tea cup marks on a table and makes it easier to carry many tea cups at once. 

Appetizer Serving Tray

An appetizer is an integral part of a meal, and an appetizer serving tray is the perfect tableware to serve it on. These may have compartments or a collection of bowls that can be placed on a tray. 

Decorative Tray

An artistic design or motif on a tray can be used as decorative trays. It can be placed on a side table, entrance cupboard, nightstand, or any living area. 

Desk Organizer

A clean and organized desk is achieved by using trays as a desk organizer. This helps declutter the desk and makes the workstation clean and comfortable for the user. 

Gifting Purpose

A tray set is a superb gift for any occasion, such as weddings, housewarmings, and get-together parties. Festivals are the big occasions where a tray set can be a perfect present for loved ones. 

Trinket Tray

It is a small tray that can hold small essential items. For example, trinket trays can hold small jewellery pieces, keys, kitchen essentials, or last-minute-check items.  

What types of materials can be used to make a serving tray?

The raw materials to manufacture trays are all natural in origin. However, they need to be durable, sustainable, and serve the purpose it is supposed to be. 


It is a natural material that is readily available. It is an insulator; therefore, a tray made of wood does not get heated up quickly when hot food is served. It has antibacterial properties and lasts longer than other materials.


Trays made of metal, such as brass, iron, copper, and bronze, is sturdy and durable. In addition, it can be a natural and alloy material, thus having high tensile strength. The natural hues of the metal make the tray unique and decorative. They are easier to clean and last longer.


Tools and techniques are required to access quality stone for making a tray. For example, agate is a popular stone for manufacturing a stone tray. Trays made of stones serve multiple purposes, such as gifting, dinnerware, decoration, tableware, and storage.


It is a versatile material used as a desk, decorative, and serving tray. In addition, it is easier to clean and maintain. It absorbs color and can be molded into any shape, making it a highly demanded-material for tray purposes.


It is a highly durable material that requires minimum care at all. Also, synthetic rattan is waterproof, thus making it an excellent material for a tray. It is a lightweight material that makes transferring from one place to another easier. 


The earliest evidence of a tray is ceramic, making it an important earthenware material. Tray made of ceramic is highly manufactured and popular among the people. 


Marble is a durable and long-lasting material. As it is a natural material, the tray made of marble resists wear and tear and will shine as a first buy. It is easier to take care of and maintain a marble tray. In addition, it lightens up the room and uses mainly for decorative and gifting purposes.

Faux Leather 

It is a synthetic material made from plastic, wax, polyurethane, and color. Tray made of faux leather suits the traditional interior design and emanates class and luxury.


It is an igneous rock that is black. It is a hard and brittle material. The obsidian tray goes with a serving tray, tray set, or wooden tray. It also looks good as a decorative tray.

What types of shapes are there for trays?

There are geometric shapes such as circular, triangular, rectangular, or can be free-form. 


The most classic shape of a serving tray is a round shape. It helps in maintaining a balance of all the items it carries. In addition, carrying a round serving tray helps the server balance it on the one hand and serving from the other. 


A rectangular tray reflects the mannerism and sophistication of the host. It can be used for decoration and storage purposes. A designer rectangular tray set will be a perfect gift for loved ones. 


Symmetrical from all sides can be seen in the square-shaped tray. The height of a tray can be changed, and the ends can be decorated. 


An oblong-shaped tray is most commonly preferred in bars and as a serving tray. They are also great for decorating, desk organizers, or storing small items. 

What are the different types of art to beautify a tray?

Decoration on the top side, on handles, both sides or just the periphery is a matter of choice of an artist or requirements. Here are some of the popular designs exhibited on trays.

Tribal Art

Worli, Madhubani, or Pattachitra arts are famous tribal art designed on trays. A tray designed with tribal art looks beautiful and impresses an onlooker. Tray sets designed with tribal art are eye-catchy and become the center of attraction on a table. 

Modern Art

Vibrant colors, abstract designs, unrelated patterns, and unconventional themes make a tray set a modern tray set. Minimalistic art only at the edges or near the rim makes a serving tray a modern tray.

Embellished Tray

A tray that has stones, metals, and wood as art is an embellished tray. When giving a tray set, a wooden tray carved or embellished with other materials is generally preferred.

Art Deco

Artistically rich designs can be found in an art deco tray. But, it goes beyond the designs. A tray's colors, style, and features make a regular tray into an art deco tray. 

Checkered Tray

A design that never goes out of style is checkered design. It is classic and evergreen art at the same time that can suit all interior decor. It adds class to a dining table as a checkered serving tray and can be used for decoration as a checkered wooden tray.


Any object that is placed on a floral tray will look beautiful. From classic to modern designs, floral patterns fill the void in dead space and bring life to a dinner table. 

Why choose trays from Arcedior?

An exclusive collection of high-end trays can be found in the Arcedior shop. You can find a tray made of wood and bamboo material that is eco-friendly and sustainable. We have round, square, rectangular, and oblong shapes trays that will beautify your food presentation. Arcedior brings a wide collection of multipurpose trays that can enhance your dining experience. You can get trays for serving, storing, and decorating—all of them make great gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What can a serving tray be used for?

A serving tray is used to serve meals, appetizers, and beverages. It is the most important tableware that holds the essential items for dining. It aces the food presentation and is easier to transfer food from the kitchen to the dining table. It is a one-stop solution serving different sizes and various meals simultaneously. In addition, a serving tray is a hygienic way to offer food and drinks to people. 

2. What is the best material for a serving tray?

Metal is the best material for a serving tray. Aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel are metals that can be molded into geometric shapes. In addition, the metal trays are easy to maintain and clean. Metal is a durable material and thus lasts longer. It is a water-resistant and fireproof material. They have high tensile strength and thus can sustain heavy weight. 

3. What is the quality of a good service tray?

A service tray should have a high tensile strength. Additionally, it should sustain the weight of food and drinks. It should have a non-slippery surface. This quality will prevent any mishaps during dining. It should feature good handles also, as this will help in maintaining a tight grip. It helps in the safe and secure transfer of food items from one place to another. 

4. How many types of trays are there?

There are three types of trays based on purpose:

1. Serving tray: This type of trays are used to serve food and drinks at the dining table. Wooden trays or circular trays are the best choice for serving purposes.

2. Decorative tray: It is a functional tray that holds the purpose of decoration. Desk pots, table clocks, calendars, decorative gemstones, or potpourri can be placed on a decorative tray.

3. Organizer tray: An organizer tray comes in handy to declutter a space. It can store your belongings and necessities so you can get to them quickly. It keeps the workstation organized and increases the productivity of a worker too.