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Present your loved ones with adorable gift items from Arcedior

What are gifts?

Gifts are expressions of unconditional love and affection. These gift hampers can be big or small in size, which we always adore. Most of the time, we give gifts to the people we care about on special events like birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, housewarming parties, office parties, and festive events like Christmas, Diwali, or Easter. When we receive gifts, we want to preserve them since they are the most special things for us. However, the greatest way to cherish these priceless possessions is to put them in a spot where you can easily see them.
These types of gift hampers include bar accessories, crockeries, bottles, glasses, keychains, and much more. The gift items make more sense when they also serve a practical purpose in addition to being decorative for the home. Either a fancy box or a stylish wrapper might be used to offer the gifts. When appealingly presented to our loved ones, the gift hamper appears much more stunning. However, keeping the gift items safe and sound is of immense importance because, in this way, you are respecting the feelings of the person who has presented you with those precious gifts.

What are the different gift items to present to your loved ones?

There are different types of items that you can give as gift items on birthdays, office parties, anniversaries, and other ceremonies. 

Dinner Sets

Dinner sets make the perfect gifts to be presented at anniversaries, weddings, and office parties. The fancy dinner set with attractive motives of vibrant colors and exorbitant gold plating embellishes the dining tables and kitchenware. Ceramic dinner sets are the most popular choice because they are lightweight and durable. However, you can also go for the stainless steel set for the dining table. This set mainly includes dinner plates, quarter plates, bowls, serving bowls serving spoons, teaspoons, and tablespoons.


Mugs are a great gift for someone who loves to sip tea, coffee, or hot water at frequent intervals. In addition, these mugs are great for piping hot and nutritious vegetable soup on cold days. You can either gift a single-colored cup or a mug with attractive designs as per your choice. The mugs often come with a handle, making them relatively easy to hold and have a tight grip. A glass mug creates a more elegant look in the kitchenware. Also, it is easy to wash these mugs with mild detergent and soak them with a cotton cloth.

Candle Holder

Candle holders are uniquely designed containers to carry the candle inside them. If your friend or loved one is a fan of scented candles and the glossy atmosphere, then candle holders are the perfect gift items for them. These heat-proof containers provide a sturdy base for the candles to stand appropriately on them. These come in different shapes and styles, like elongated or more comprehensive glass holders. You can install the candle holders on walls or on the ceilings to create a more appealing look. 

Bar Accessories

The captivating bar accessories go well with the stylish bar in the homes. These are super cool gifts to present to a frequent clubber to enjoy the concoctions with a burst of flavour. The bar accessories often include a drink strainer, cocktail shaker, bottle opener, double-side peg measurer, tongs, corkscrew, and a drink stirrer, and come in different materials like stainless steel and brass. These essential bar tools are ideal for serving cocktails or mocktails and give a very classy look. These bar accessories are suitable for any house party, cafe, or restaurant.


Bookends are stylish gift items that come with practical usage. These are used to support the books so that they stand in an upright row. If your friend needs help to accommodate the enormous number of books adequately, this item will be the perfect gift. Along with giving an aesthetic touch to the room, these are the most functional gift hampers. They save the books from dropping down and slipping off the bookshelves.

Stylish Glasses

Drinkware is the most elegant tableware to give as a gift item. These are perfect for anyone who likes to have cocktails and mocktails on an everyday basis. The different types of glasses include a red wine glass, white wine glass, decanter, pitcher, martini glasses, champagne flute, and highball, to name a few. They enhance the look of the tableware and crockery with their unique look. However, it is essential to keep them safe as they are fragile.

Cookie Plate

A cookie plate is used to serve the different cookies on special occasions like birthdays, parties, and other ceremonial functions. They can also be used on a daily basis to help cookies at home. This plate serves a variety of cookies on a single dish that gives an eye-appealing look with different textures, sizes, and colors.

Tea Cup Set

A teacup set mainly consists of tea cups and matching saucers used to serve the tea. This set also includes a creamer pot and a sugar bowl. The creamer pot has thick cream that adds milk texture to the black tea or coffee. The sugar bowl is used to carry the sugar cubes inside it so that a person can add the sugar to tea or coffee as per their taste. 


A keychain is a small ring mainly made of steel to accommodate single or several keys onto it. These keychains can be customized according to your needs. For example, you can either print your picture on them or engrave any name or message on different bases.

What are the different materials used for making gift items?

The gift items we present to our special ones are made of different materials. So choosing the appropriate one is indeed required. 


Glass-made items are the most appealing ones that enhance the visual appearance of the area where they are placed. Dinner sets, drinkware, and tea cup sets in glass are gorgeous crockery to add to your kitchenware. These have high strength and melting and boiling point, making them heatproof. In addition, the carved designs give this material a unique look.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a common choice for the materials used in making certain items due to its distinctive and exclusive properties. Stainless steel is often used for making keychains and several crockery items because it is easy to maintain and exceptionally durable. Its high tensile strength and corrosion-resistant properties give it an edge over other materials. 


Brass is a beautiful material used in manufacturing home decor items due to its aesthetic value. It is corrosion-resistant and highly malleable. Due to its antimicrobial property, the items made of this material are ideal for placing on wall corners and other least approachable spaces where bacteria develops quickly. 


This material is highly malleable and soft. It is durable and lightweight, making it easy to carry wherever wanted.


Ceramics is the most widely used material to manufacture dinner sets and other tableware. It is made by heat firing the non-metallic material like clay at a very high temperature. They come in various styles and motifs, including earthenware and porcelain.

Where can you place the gift items in your house?

Drawing Room

The drawing room is the area of attraction in the entire house. So, it needs to be decorated wisely. You can place the gifts like sculptures, paintings, or other wall decor items in your drawing room and make them appear more visually appealing.


The ideal place to put your crockery is inside the kitchen cabinets. The gifts like dinner sets and tea cup sets with motifs and unique designs will spruce up the dull arena of your kitchen. 

On the Walls

Walls look even better when adorned with decorative hangings. It is wonderful to place the gift items like keychains, photo frames, and other customized items as they enhance the allure of the room. 

Dining Table

The dining table looks more appealing when it has a beautiful dinner set placed on it. You can place the crockery, including the dinner set, tea cup set, creamer, and sugar bowl, on the dining table to make it look more beautiful.


Placing the gift items on the nightstands will make you cherish your gift items more. It would be a great idea to place the uniquely artistic gift items on the nightstands along with customized gift items like photo frames and keychains. 


For a stylish bar, it demands exclusive bar accessories. You can always place the bar accessories gift on the table to make it look more enchanting. 

How to maintain the fresh look of gift hampers for a more extended period?

White Vinegar and Water

For gift items made of glass material, it is constantly prescribed to handle them with care. Add four parts of water with one part of vinegar in a bowl. Mix them thoroughly. You can spray this solution on the glass-made items and gently wipe them off with a gentle cloth. 

Mild Detergent and Sponge

Crockery made of ceramics and other decorative items is ideal for cleaning with a mixture of mild detergent and water. Never put these crockery items into the microwave or dishwasher; otherwise, they will lose their elegance. Always wash them with your hands with a soft sponge, and do not scrub them at all. Finally, soak them with a soft cloth. 

Polish with Lemon and Salt

For decor items made up of stylish brass, it becomes a responsibility to keep them from tarnishing. Cut a lemon into two pieces and apply the salt on their surface. Next, start rubbing the brass gift item with this salt applied on the lemon to get its original shiny look. 

Dish Soap and Sponge

Choose dish soap and sponge for stainless steel items to maintain their beauty. Mix the dish soap and water and dip the sponge to clean the stainless steel items.

Why choose Arcedior?

In the carefully picked Arcedior store, you can find the most in-vogue and exclusive presents for your loved ones. Here at Arcedior, we have everything you could need in one location, whether you are looking for a dining set with a distinctive design or a personalized gift hamper. We have a variety of gifts available, such as a teacup set, dinner set, artistic gift basket, specially designed candle holder, bar accessories, keychains, and other super cool gift items. So why are you still waiting? Grab the ideal gift for your special someone and head out. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the importance of gift items?

The gift items are important because they are the token of love and admiration. When received as a gift, the items create a powerful impact on our minds and build strong emotional connections. The gift items may include different accessories like candle holders, cookie plates, dinner sets, keychains, mugs, sculptures, paintings, and many more. These items can also be placed in different rooms to enhance visual appeal. 
It becomes an advantage if the gift items also serve as a practical usage along with adorning the homes. For example, the bar accessories set is ideal for someone who loves to keep a glass of cocktail and mocktail at hand every hour. Likewise, a graceful dinner set is perfect for serving the feast and delicious delicacies on special occasions or the daily dinner. 

2. How do I find the perfect gift online?

You can find the perfect gift online here at Arcedior. Here, you will get the most exclusive gifts, leaving an everlasting impression on your loved ones. Choosing a special gift for someone special can be challenging, but we have everything covered here. Mugs would make a perfect gift choice for a person who loves to have soup, tea, and coffee every then and now.
If you want to give something subtle and customized, you need to go for the keychains to get your messages, names, and pictures imprinted. A frequent clubber would love the set of bar accessories as a gift. One of the most common, elegant, and practical gift items is a dinner set that is mainly used to serve food for a large gathering or to family members on a daily basis.

3. Can keychain be gifted?

Yes, a keychain can definitely be gifted to your special ones. These rings are mainly made of stainless steel to hold the keys together in a single place. There can be a single key in the keychain or multiple keys on a single keychain. They are an ideal small gift to give to your loved ones. These small possessions can be customized according to your needs. If you want your and your loved ones' names on the keychain, you can get it done. If you want your picture on the keychain, that is also possible.  

4. What should a gift hamper include?

A gift hamper should include a candle holder, sculpture, tray, and hourglass. People with a keen eye for aesthetics, style, and beauty would love this artistic gift hamper. In addition to that, a gift hamper does not necessarily be a mixture of only these items. Instead, you can mix and match the items as per the choice of the person whom you are giving the gift hamper.