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Sneak Peek To New Arrivals At Arcedior

Our online store has recently updated its product range, and we are excited to introduce our new arrivals. This collection includes rugs, planters, sculptures, soft furnishings, bookends, cushions, and more. We have provided a comprehensive overview of this collection to help you navigate it effortlessly. We have also included some tips to improve your shopping experience.

Pro tip: Use the ‘Featured’ filter to the ‘New Arrivals’ category, and buy some amazing products that suit your aesthetics. Let’s explore the various items that you will encounter in this dynamic new arrival section:


A dining table where you enjoy your meal with family and friends is completed with the latest tableware collection. These are differentiated based on purpose, such as serving, eating, and picking the food. You will get serveware, cutlery, dinnerware, and drinkware. Crockery is the essential ware for the table that enhances the dining table experience. Take time to beautify the table and meal; it will surely leave a lasting impression on the guests. Cutlery involves fork, knife, and spoons to cut and eat the food. For example, you can have sharp times in a fork to pick noodles or a blunt knife to spread butter on the bread. A platter is a single large plate to serve dishes during mealtime. In our latest collection section, you will find cheese platters, fruit and salad platters, and desserts platter. They are made of marble, stone, ceramic, and wood. Cake stands are fancy servers to cut and serve the cake decoratively and elegantly. We have a new collection of cake stand with dome, wooden cake stands, and cake stands with servers. Trays are used to place hot items that are difficult to handle. Tea serving trays, appetizer trays, trinkets, and decorative trays are the different purposes of trays. You will get wooden, metal, glass, ceramic, and obsidian trays in different shapes. Coasters prevent spills and stains on the tables. From semiprecious stone agate coasters to natural wooden coasters, you will get a huge collection of coasters in different sizes, shapes, and vibrant colors. Kitchen accessories include masala boxes, chapati boxes, cutlery holders, tissue boxes, lazy susan, and more. They are functional items that make cooking easier. They are aesthetically appealing, save time, and have ample storage space to store the items or ingredients. 


Layering a thick piled rug in living areas brightens the space and adds texture to the area. Rugs are excellent decor items that reduce noise, protect the floor, and provide warmth and comfort to you. You will get a wide range from Moroccan rugs to modern and contemporary rugs. We have a premium collection of exclusive and elegant rugs. We have the latest collection of hand knotted, hand tufted, and hand-loomed rugs made in wool, viscose, and silk material. The standards on which Arcedior bases its foundation are high quality, bespoke customization, distinctive patterns, and various color options.    

Soft furnishing

Decor items that feel soft when you touch them are guests in our new arrivals category. Throws and blankets, cushions and covers, curtains, table mats and runners, and pillows are sft furnishing items. Select soft furnishing items from our new collection that matches your aesthetics and home decor style. You will need to analyze interiors and accordingly choose the material, patterns, and colors of soft furnishings. As the season changes, the preference for materials for soft furnishings also changes. Choose light and neutral colors for summers, whereas dark colors in heavy fabric work well for winters. In the festive season, you may go with flashy and glittery cushions or throws, whereas for daily usage, you may choose linen or cotton material in printed or embroidery texture. 


Arcedior has a huge range of decor items for new arrivals, such as candle holders, sculptures, clocks, wall art, bookends, and many more. We constantly update our inventory of decor goods so that you won't experience FOMO in this fashionable environment. Sculptures and artifacts of animal figurines, floral patterns, and statues in ceramic, glass, metal, and stone material are available in the new collection selection. Candle holders are beneficial, necessary, and decorative items that are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Bookends are there for bookworms and will secure your precious books in a place. From birds to musical note bookends, you have plenty of options to explore. Desk accessories include tissue holders, pen stands, desk trays, etc. They assist in arranging the small items that are prone to getting lost or misplaced in a room. Clocks are aesthetically pleasing and functional items that keep you on track. You will get clocks in various materials, such as agate, resin, metal, and wood. The Wall Decor section will get you into attractive wall scones and wall sculptures. Globes are fantastic decor items that are trendy for gifting purposes. We have globes with drawers, a tripod stand, and wooden and metallic pedestals. 

Planters and vases

From desk planters to floor planters, you will get all of them. We have metallic, ceramic, wooden, and glass planters and vasesPots and planters are the containers to grow the plants. They beautify the living areas. 


We have curated the list of lighting that you might find in our new arrivals section. Table lamps are for tables or desks. These come in handy during studying, writing, or working. From natural wooden to contemporary metallic lamps, you’ll get lamps in a fusion of both materials too. Floor lamps are placed on floors. They can hold tall and big plants and do not take up much floor space. Wall lamps are mounted on the walls, highlighting the wall, architectural feature, or decorative item. Hanging lamps are also called pendant lights and are hung from the ceiling. You will get hanging lights from our latest wooden, bamboo, glass, rope, or metallic material collection. 

Bar accessories

From openers to shakers, you will get bar accessories in our new arrivals category. Glass carafes, wine glasses, metallic ice buckets, decanters, and fancy stoppers are a must addition to your bar settings. Buy handmade glasses and hand blown tumblers from our new arrivals category and impress the guests with bartending skills.

Side table 

These are versatile pieces of furniture that can be placed in any living area, such as a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, or bathroom. In addition, you may use it as a nightstand, end table, sculpture holder, plant stands, or accent table. You will get wooden, metallic, marble, glass, and stone tables in our new collection of side tables. We have foldable tables also that minimize the floor space coverage.

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